Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snake Bite??

Mason went on a scout overnighter and while on his walk out - was bit. He spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa so when we saw him that night - he told us his ankle was sprained. I told him to let me see it so I could wrap it and I saw this...........................

So we asked him what happened...he said that he was hiking out and he felt a sharp pain..he thought he walked into a cactus or something and blew it off. When he got home his ankle hurt but he figured he had just sprained it. Gotta love that!!! So we called Brad Davis to see what he thought...we were correct to assume that if something were to happen it would have by then- he had been bit several hours earlier and there was no line going up his leg from the bite. He was bit right on the ankle bone so 1 of 2 things may have happened...first - the snake hit bone - so there was not really any flesh he could sink his fangs into....second - the snake had previously struck at something within 24 hours and there was not enough venom left to create any real problems. Whatever the reasoning - we were pretty glad nothing happened and told Mason to try be a little more observant next time he was out hiking :)

Work Day at the Temple & Deep Thoughts

We took the kids last Saturday to go do some gardening at the Mesa Temple. We bought gardening gloves and were all excited to "put our shoulder to the wheel" we were put on grapefruit picking up and raking duty ...which was fun...and we got to hang with the Baileys. Stevan and Tor were busy getting the grapefruit from the tree and the kids were picking up the grapefruit and tasting it. I spent time raking leaves and after a while we were all done. According to the kids - the grapefruit was super sweet...go figure...they were all sitting around sucking on them :) So the groundskeeper gathered us all together for a closing song - I love to see the Temple - and a closing prayer - what a wonderful morning. Before we closed, he talked about the power of the Temple and encouraged the children to all go up and touch the Temple walls. Of course my kids wanted to do this, so while Stevan got all our junk together, I took Tristen and Clayton and we walked around the Temple so that they could touch the walls at the front of the Temple. While we were walking Clayton started in on his questions....the conversation went something like this.......So mom, this is Jesus' house right?...Yes Clayton this is our Heavenly Father's is he inside right now? can we go inside and see if he is home?.....well Clayton, first off we are not dressed to go inside the Temple, we need to wear our very best church clothes, and second Jesus is not inside for us to meet with, he has lots of houses and he doesn't "live" here......ok - maybe he is taking a nap in one of the rooms and we could ask them if we can check real fast........Clayton, you cannot go inside until you are 12 - and you are not dressed to go inside - I am sure that Jesus is not sleeping in one of the rooms inside the when do you think I can see him, I really want to talk with him and see him......Well when you pray you can talk to him Clayton, you will see him someday........Are you sure mom, you know that I will see him.........Yes Clayton - the day will come when you can see him.....So I need to have my church clothes on and we can come back when I am bigger and then I will get to see him?..........Yes Clayton :) I then told him about the upcoming Gila Valley Temple Open House and let him know that he would be able to go inside that Temple, to which he was pretty excited about - he added that he would make sure he had his church clothes on so they would let him inside. After that both he and Tristen walked up to the Temple and touched its walls - they were pretty excited. What a great moment we had, a teaching moment and a glimpse into the mind of a little guy who has perfect faith, believing that he can talk and see Jesus. On another note - he and Tristen are very unhappy that they cannot attend the Temple dedication...Ashlen "rubbed it in their face" and they were not pleased...Tristen was reassured that she would be old enough for the Gilbert Temple dedication...Hopefully there will be another one close by when Clayton is older :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Work" week at the River

Jason, Stevan and Joyce


Me & Clayton


Clayton is not too sure about a QUAD - these bikes are for girls!!!

See - they are working...................

And more working.................................

Joyce and her stuck quad :(

Clayton & Danica

The boys are on the hills

Yay - We had our first weekend at the River for 2010. So officially it wasn't really a "weekend away" and technically I wasn't even invited, but the guys had decided to make it a Work Weekend and do some repairs at the house...and since I've been running like a crazy person for forever, Stevan suggested I come along and spend time laying out relaxing without kids :) Love him!! So the kids were packed up and stayed with Grandma & Grandpa minus Clayton, who I decided could come with us last minute. He really wanted to go and see Robbie & Debby....Debby didn't end up going, but Danica did and I figured he'd keep her company so I could relax :) We also had complaints from the kids who wanted to go and "help"....they were sure we'd get the boat out to which I said "no way - we are WORKING!!" imagine our surprise when we pulled up and saw the boat out :) We went for a quick ride and then went to dinner at Crossroads (yummy) and then went home and watched movies and hung out until the morning. Clayton and Danica went on golf cart rides...a highlight if you ask him. Stevan got up at the butt crack of dawn and proceeded to hammer away at the deck :( I finally got up and did some more relaxing until we decided to break out the dirtbikes and take a little break. we had fun - I rode the quad and took Clayton on his first quad know quads are for girls!!! He was unsure but ended up liking it - he was mad that he didn't have his own riding gear, but he got over it quick. Jason Mackay's fiance was there riding for the first time and rode the quad into some water...the boys were off on the hills so I had to ride home, get the truck and tow the quad out....ha ha - poor thing was scared she'd wrecked the bike. After testing the bikes I laid out and read my book while Clayton played with the beach toys - we went up for lunch and then back for more laying out and a new book......all the while the boys did some work. We ended up not getting the boat out and everything cleaned up and put away until 6ish, so I was dead and not willing to get in the car and drive 3 hours we stayed the night and woke up super early and drove home to find our happy kids frown when Clayton told them about all the "work" we did....woo hoo - I did a LOT of relaxing - it was much needed.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Hiking he will go...

Clayton has been going hiking with Grandpa Powell and is a pretty good one at that. We've been lucky - all our kids have enjoyed hiking...not that we go frequently, but when we do go, they walk and do not complain. We take them when they are young and let them go for it, so that probably helps. Clayton takes his UCLA backpack and has a walking stick and water in his bag. He really enjoys it :)

Happy Birthday Tristen

Our little T is SEVEN. She is a fun kid - she always has something to say and she is not afraid to say it, whenever, wherever. For her birthday we picked up donuts for breakfast and then her friend Chase to spend the day together. We started out making a pit-stop at her most favorite store ever...Justice, where she picked out some cute clothes, a swimsuit, flip-flops and earings and smelly lotion. Her and Chase got "Best Friends" bracelets (they broke) and Stevan got pics on his phone...but I don't have any. We then went to San Tan Village and ate lunch and then saw "How to Train your Dragon". It was a great movie - we ate tons of popcorn and had a great day. She has been a real turd since she turned seven....We really miss the old Tristen...but I guess she is spreading those wings of hers...growing up and testing the waters...we'll get over it - I guess she had to grow up sooner or later..we just hoped she wouldn't be as defiant as she has been...Guess that comes from Stevan?!? We still love her :) Can't wait until she's eight!!!!

Spring Break part II

Things have been crazy - we have been busy and I have not been good about keeping things updated. The kids finished their last week of Spring Break with Grandma & Grandpa Wasilewski up in Concho Az. The kids had a blast - they tended to the chickens, they played with the dogs, they went exploring, they hung out and ate lots of ice-cream, they did whatever they wanted and loved spending time with Grandma & Grandpa.

Clayton and Grandpa resting after a walk

Tristen and Clayton at the wash...

Feeding the Donkeys

More exploring

Chatting with the horses

Mason and Grandma worked on the Plasma Cutter

Sitting in the chicken coop...they collected eggs each day

Mason dug some ditches to help out Grandpa

Clayton showed Ashlen how to crush cans

Tristen hanging out with Moe