Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catch up

Lately life has been going on and I am simply hanging on for dear life. It is a good thing that I had a week to relax at the river cause since I've been home we've been on the go. Stevan has a painting job in Tucson right now and the painting crew he had hired to complete the job were apparently a bunch of slow-poke idiots. The job should have been completed over 3 weeks ago. Stevan was actually planning on leaving our vacation to finalize things for a day when the job was done..but alas it didn't get done. Yay for us he stayed the whole time but boooooo the job wasn't completed. So last week he spent the entire week in Tucson with one of his guys so they could try complete the job....due to the fact that the slow pokes did not complete what they said they completed he found a ton of work still to be he returned home Saturday due to rain...and he has been there all this week too :( Meanwhile I have been driving to practices every other night and then homework, 2 reports were completed and I have been working my little job in the mornings..... whew!!!! I know I am complaining but I am mindful of the fact that at least we have jobs to complain about....and I think I have been more appreciative of Stevan since he has been MIA and I have been left to carry the load on my own. I will be posting river pics and then will be posting about our upcoming, cheer and soccer :) It is only gonna get better from here!!!!