Friday, August 20, 2010

School is in

I realize that this post is waaayyy late - but hey - I have been busy!!! School started and we were off with a bang. The kids were excited but then again not really....They are, as you can see from the photos, too cool for school. Mason is our incoming Freshman and has taken to high school like a fish to water. He is keeping a rigorous schedule of early morning seminary, school and then football practice after school...he is out the door at 5:45am and then has been getting home around 7pm. He has admitted that high school is pretty hard - duh?!? and that he has way more homework than he did in jnr high :) I told him he's gotta pull up his panties and be a big boy now :) Ashlen is in 5th grade and loving it. Her good friend Annie is in her class with her and she loves that..not to mention the fact that she has joined the drama club and is part of the school council :) She is really enjoying 5th grade :) Tristen is in 2nd grade and loves her teacher Mrs. Conte. She is a little bored with her class...but she is being tested for the gifted program - hopefully that will give her more to do so we don't have to hear her complain. She has also taken on a new love of reading - she finished her first "real chapter" opposed to those fake ones she's been reading...and looks forward to jumping into way more exciting stuff...she is a master speller and I am proud to say she has beautiful penmanship - much like my own....yay - no more chicken scratch to offense Mason :)