Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wedding Nails

The girls are sooooo excited for Tristen & Scotty's wedding this November 24th. They both struggle with biting their nails so I challenged them last week to grow out their nails so that they would look nice for the wedding...after all flower girls should have pretty nails :) So its been a week and look at what they look like!!!! I need practice painting nails...Lisette will have to come over and help - so please don't judge the painting...

Ashlen's nails

Tristen's nails

Hair wars....

So I am not sure if other couples struggle with this...but I HATE to shave my legs and have managed to get away with shaving once a week....I should be grateful that Stevan has not really made a fuss, but he does complain that he is tired of sleeping next to sandpaper legs....So then I started making loud comments about how much I LOVE long hair on guys...we struck up a deal and he has not shaved his head in about a month or part of the deal is that I have to shave my legs 3 times a week....aaarrrggggg.....I can tell its killing him - his hair is getting long (well long for him) and it is growing out all salt & pepper (which I like)....I guess its a small price to pay??

More Soccer Pics

More pics of our Soccer Saturdays...we LOVE spending our Saturdays hanging out at Pathfinder park cheering on the Bruins and Ravens...then cheering on Stevan as he referees games :) The weather has been perfect and it is so nice to hang out on the blanket under any of the trees.....

Hall of Flame field trip

This week I chaperoned a field trip to the Firefighters Hall of Flame with Tristen's 2nd grade class. I wasn't sure what to expect - except for the headache I got sitting on the bus with 60 2nd graders for 1 hour into Phoenix...but I am happy to report I was pleasantly suprised. The museum actually had quite a few early handpumps and steam pumps and then an area with at least 15-20 fire engines ranging from the early 1900's through present. There was an area dedicated to 9-11 with a piece of the Twin Towers, along with names of fallen emergency responders. The kids all had a great time and I'll have to admit I did too. I had a group of 4 kids including Tristen and they were great kids - we had a fun time :)

Taylor, Sami, Tristen and Sophie

Me & Tristen


the bus ride to the museum

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nearer my God to Thee.......

I made a goal earlier this year to go to the temple on a more frequent basis. I love attending the temple and enjoy the times I get to go with Stevan, but have struggled with depression more lately and in lieu of getting back on medication, decided that I would see if my attending the temple would help me. I started going at lest every other week when school started and have been so happy when there have been weeks I have gone twice because the opportunity presented itself. While I still struggle with depression, the boughts are becomming less frequent and my ability to pull out of a spell is easier. Never have I felt so much closer to my Heavenly Father than I have these past few months..I enjoy my trips and cannot wait for Clayton to go to school so that I can increase my attendance to weekly. I am lucky enough to have an amazing sister and friend in my ward who goes with me. I notice that my sensitivity to spiritual matters is heightened and I enjoy the little things more. I am grateful for my husband who made this suggestion - I am glad for his insight and his counsel which has indeed been a blessing for me. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who loves me and has answered my prayers. I think even my kids enjoy me more....I feel different, a good differnt and feel better more often than not. I am sooo sad that the temple is now closed for cleaning...I have already felt a am I possibly going to make it 3 weeks until it re-opens....I am keeping busy, looking forward to conference and before I know it this too will pass - I will be back on schedule in no time.

San Tan Mountain Hike

We went hiking the other day with the Arbons. San Tan Mountains is only about 10 minutes from here and I thought it would be a good thing to get out.  Well we did okay...there was complaining and whining and the moviestar was irritated cause her shoes were rubbing on the back of her heal.  Clayton was tired and it was too far.....and on and on and on.  So we hiked in about 30 minutes on the trail, then hiked out.  I promised the kids a treat at QT so we stopped for that on our way home....then the supermodel piped up "Can we do this tomorrow? I really enjoyed the hike!"  What?!?!?! I think not my friends :)

Soccer Season

It is that time of the year again..Soccer has started and we are happy to say that we have 2 players this year.  Clayton and Tristen are both involved, although I didn't think too much about the fact that I'd be running between 2 fields the whole time trying to watch both games.  Sadly Stevan has yet to see Clayton play cause he's busy coaching Tristen's team - the Bruins!!! Claytonis on Sister Yosts Rams team and he is a real go-getter.  Not to brag or anything...but he scored 2 goals his first game :) Tristen scored 1 at her first game too.  Clayton is a little too confident - apparently after scoring he was pretend shooting at the other team chanting "You guys are losers" - whose kid is this anyways!!!???? And Tristen wasn't sure they even won their last game cause the other team scored...not something they are used too...Stevan put her straight though...they did win :) Clayton was upset at the last game though cause he didn't get to he told one of the kids on the other team his shirt looked stupid and then wouldn't shake hands or cheer at the end of the game.  He had a little chat with Stevan about good sportmanship I think he will do a lot better this week or he will be in trouble :)

So what is the summer without a couple trips to the river.  My kids were disappointed that we ONLY got to go twice this summer...not at all like last year when we went on average every other weekend.....really - if only some kids could be this lucky.  They had a great time hanging with everyone - riding on the boat and jet skiis, trying out the new tube Robbie bought, jumping off the rocks (Ashlen jumped and it was high!!) driving the golf carts, exploring, breakfast at Badenochs....yada yada yada........we LOVE the Farrers and LOVE spending time with them - they are, as Nacho Libre says, "Da Beeessssstttt" we only watched it 4 or 5 times this trip:)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finally some rain!

In Arizona we have Monsoons. There is nothing better than seeing clouds roll in, hearing the thunder and seeing lightning. It is super hot and then it cools right down! A wonderful thing :) Anyways we've been teased something terrible out here in the good ole San Tan Valley...we see clouds just wanting to drop moisture pass over us, and then drop everything in Mesa :( So we were super excited when the heavens opened and dropped on us for 6 hours straight!! The roads flooded, the catch basins were full, the kids were out running around catching frogs - it was great :) We are so sad monsoon season is over....we didn't get much this year....

Friday, August 20, 2010

School is in

I realize that this post is waaayyy late - but hey - I have been busy!!! School started and we were off with a bang. The kids were excited but then again not really....They are, as you can see from the photos, too cool for school. Mason is our incoming Freshman and has taken to high school like a fish to water. He is keeping a rigorous schedule of early morning seminary, school and then football practice after school...he is out the door at 5:45am and then has been getting home around 7pm. He has admitted that high school is pretty hard - duh?!? and that he has way more homework than he did in jnr high :) I told him he's gotta pull up his panties and be a big boy now :) Ashlen is in 5th grade and loving it. Her good friend Annie is in her class with her and she loves that..not to mention the fact that she has joined the drama club and is part of the school council :) She is really enjoying 5th grade :) Tristen is in 2nd grade and loves her teacher Mrs. Conte. She is a little bored with her class...but she is being tested for the gifted program - hopefully that will give her more to do so we don't have to hear her complain. She has also taken on a new love of reading - she finished her first "real chapter" opposed to those fake ones she's been reading...and looks forward to jumping into way more exciting stuff...she is a master speller and I am proud to say she has beautiful penmanship - much like my own....yay - no more chicken scratch to offense Mason :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Oweeeeee

Mason spent Friday night and Saturday at a scout overnighter...we've been pretty lucky and haven't had much incident but I guess Mason was mouthing off on this campout and Brother Brown let him have it!!!!! From what I hear...he threw a rock right at Mason's head to stop him from talking...or texting was one of those........

Just kidding.....Although that sounded pretty good right?!? So the scouts were at the watering hole and Brother Brown was at the top of a waterfall with his pvc watergun thingy and dropped it to Keith who was below who didn't quite get his hands on it...and it slipped and hit Mason.....nice.....apparently it was a gusher...Potterf held Mason's head under water to try stop it from bleeding ( or to finish him off ) and that didn't work too well...but holding it on the 2 hour drive home got it stopped.....Mason yawned and split it open again so we put a butterefly strip on it and I think he's as good as new.......scars are cool you know!!!!!

End of Summer Par-tay

Savannah Whittaker and Ashlen decided a couple weeks ago that they wanted to host an end of summer party so Friday night was the night. They both worked hard making keychains and then sold them to earn money, made invitations, went shopping for party supplies and cleaned the house to get everything ready:) In ordere to have just an evening with girls....Clayton went to Uncle Devin's house for his "party" and Tristen went to the Whittakers to spend time with Chase. Mason had a scout overnighter so all the planets aligned :) 9 girls came - Kenzi, Ryleigh, Morgan, Lindsay L, Lindsay D, Anna, Annie, Sarah and Xandri......Kiran and I were up for the challenge :) All the girls mete at our house and we took them over to the Indigo Sky pool where we ate pizza and swam for an hour or so..then we came back to the house and frosted cupcakes and played some fun get to know you games (as if they didn't know each other!!) We heard about Justin Beiber, what their favorite subjects were, what their avorite colors were and other juicy tidbits...and then they settled in to watch "The Spy Next Door" Kiran and I took that time to go outside and hang out on our trampoline and talk :) I think they had a great time - there was a lot of giggling and posing and shouting...their parents stopped off and picked up the girls around 9:30ish - I think the part was a success :)

Hostess Ashlen

Hostess Savannah

Savannah, Morgan, Ashlen, Kenzi ad Annie

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a funk

So I've been in a funk...i've had pity parties and have actually had a hard year so far ( which is in part to my crappy attitude)...2010 is not really what I wanted it to be. Stevan is always so positive...I really need him around more because he is able to pull me out of it, but its been hard because he has been working a lot (which is a good thing) and I miss him tons when he isn't around. I am grateful for so many things....I know that I am blessed and have been quick to forget......I know there are many who are in need..... and so I have decided to try to be more focused on things that family and friends, and not focus on things that I cannot change. I recently was called to be a teacher in Relief Society - yeah can you picture that - me a teacher - so I taught my first lesson and I think it went ok...and I am pretty sure I have this calling to help me focus more on what I lack - those things that I can improve this is my be happy with what I have, to love those around me more than I do, to be more positive, to take time to do those things I KNOW I should be doing, to NOT let the little things bother me, and to be MORE charitable and giving to those around me....... I can do this - I am capable of these things and more...I have half the year gone but half to make better than the first half :)

getting back to business

so its been forever since I have blogged...and my brother who apparently reads my blog all the way in France reminded me last week that he keeps checking and there is nothing new.

I keep thinking that I need to get back to it...but it seems so overwhelming cause there are things that have happened and had I been in the right mind I would have blogged about..and I have photos..and so on and so on..but trying to catch up would be too overewhelming so I figured I'd just start from today..there you have it...I am starting fresh....I did decide to note some of the worthwhile mentions though and then that will be that...I have pics posted on facebook for those who care to look :)

So here we go.....Rachael and Jens had my cutie newphew Dylan, Mason graduated 8th grade, I turned 37 (yikes), the kids got out for SUMMER, Lisette and Devin had my other cutie nephew Zander Reed Merrill 4 weeks early, Stevan and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary and our 9th year beng sealed together, we took a 24 hour trip to CA for PaPa' 90th birthday party, Mason went to Leadership training camp, we went to CA for a week and hung out with the Farrers and had a blast, went to Heather and Jethro's wedding and it was a blast, Mason went to Scout Camp, we've been hanging at the library with the Arbon's and Whittakers, been to the AJ pool which is WAY better than the waterpark and saves us $$$$, Mason went to Football camp in Snowflake, the kids went to Book of Mormon camp and loved every minute of it (thanks to Brother Johnson for teaching Tristen how to make boxes....we have a million of them around our house) we've been school shopping and enjoyed hanging at our pool......whew

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 that Dancing with the Stars???

Nope - it is Clayton and Jada, practicing in the Hunsakers kitchen. The kids were hanging out this afternoon...they've had withdrawls since they haven't seen each other in 2 weeks...and were listening to music I guess when Clayton suggested they dance. Michelle caught this, took a photo and emailed it to cute is this???

He's Baaaaack

Our sweet Clayton is back from his travels to CA. Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa, Clayton caught a ride and hung out with his cousins, and gandparents and Maw Maw & PaPa. All our kids were chomping at the bit, waiting patiently for the little one to return...then we quizzed the heck out of him, asking him what he did and how much fun he had. He enjoyed playing with his cousins - all of them - but especially the "crew" aka Kaydence, Connor & is sad that these 4 don't live close to each other..well the other 3 are, but Clayton misses them when he is here. According to him, they had the best time. He also got to see his newest cousin Chloe who is really cute and looks just like Connor. He enjoyed hanging with his older cousin Ethan and I am sure made him nuts :) Clayton visited Maw Maw & PaPa and got to go to the park and feed the ducks with them...always a treat. Maw Maw spoiled him as usual and made him a special lunch. He got to hang out with the Farrers and loved that he got to go in the car with Danica. He said she took him to 7-11 and got him slurpees. I asked him why his hair didn't get cut...he told me he told big T that he didn't want his hair cut so she listened to him, not me. Apparently Tristen loves him that much!!!! He loved hanging with her and Scotty - he said she took him to get donuts and chocolate milk, and that Scotty isn't cute anymore because Tristen cut his hair to look like a soccer ball?!? I need a pic of that. He said Debby made him cookies and did whatever he wanted !!!! Are we surprised???? NOPE. He loved going to the Father Son outing with Robbie - they didn't have to sleep in a tent - they got to sleep in the van on the bed and made smores that were really good - that was his favorite part. He also managed to get a present out of Lexie's boyfriend - an iron man wrist shooter thing...and then pulled out 2 baseball trophies from his suitcase and proudly showed them to us. He had a great time and was glad to be home...we were glad to have him home :) He already asked me today when he was going back to Cali.........

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

This morning I was woken up with breakfast in bed :) Then coupons valid for clean rooms / clean house / anything I wanted :) When I finally rolled out of bed, I noticed that my bedroom doors had been heart-attacked by the kids. Stevan then made fresh bread with his own two hands ( he is talented) because I asked for Grilled Cheese for dinner...we are havng gourmet grilled cheese on fresh homemade bread :) What a lucky gal I am - I am thankful for my kids and my wonderful husband who have made this an amazing day - I haven't lifted a finger - the kids are getting me drinks, and food, my feet are up and I have my favorite blanket on me :) I hope you all have an amazing Mothers Day also.

Tristen cheers

Tristen has a fellow student in her class who is in a wheelchair due to a car accident in which he was hit by a red light runner and caused paralysis from the chest down. Shaun and his family are raising money in hopes of getting to Costa Rica where doctors who are doing Stem Cell Research believe that he is the perfect candidate to receive stem cells and have full mobility back in his legs. Just this past week, the K-2nd graders at the small campus at Walker Butte had a "cheer" fundraiser. Participants could each pay a small registration fee, and then they had 3 after school practices led by some of the teachers, and got to cheer at the Coyote Girls Basketball game during halftime with the 7th & 8th grade Cheerleaders. Tristen was super excited and we went to the game just this past Wednesday afternoon. The lady Coyotes did an amazing job and were up at the half :) Our little cheerleaders then got up at halftime and performed their cheers. There were so many little cheerleaders - they had quite the turnout which was great, because all the funds went to help Shaun. Tristen was in her element :) Sadly only this one picture turned out - the others were all dark :( You can see she enjoyed herself and Ms. Madrid commented on our "future cheerleader" - she said that Tristen displayed leadership and even led practices during recess :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Gila Valley Temple

The Gila Valley Temple Open House is happening right now. We decided it would be a wonderful experience taking the kids - it isn't often that there are open houses and we have been lucky to take the kids to the Newport Beach Temple and now the Gila Valley Temple. We are super excited for the Gilbert & Phoenix Temples to be built can't wait for those open houses. How wonderful is it that our kids will have experienced living in 2 different Temple districts and be able to participate in the Celebrations that go with getting a new Temple. Due to mass work, I ended up going without Stevan :( and Clayton will have to go with Grandma & Grandpa when they get back in town (he REALLY wants to go insdie a Temple - I think he's still committed to finding Jesus' bedroom and hoping he can have a chat with him). We left early - Google Map said it would take 3 hours, so with our reservation being 12:45, we left at 8:30am, to allow for a stop or two and lunch before getting to the Temple. On our way, there was a report that there had been an accident between Superior and Globe, and that the 60 had been closed down, but that it should re-open by as we get closer - and its almost 10am, I notice traffic slowing down...great...I take a back-road through Superior and get past where the cars are lined up, but they still wouldn't let us on the listening to the radio we hear that they extended the closure until 11am. We decided take an alternate route rather than sit there for an hour - roughly an 80 mile out of the way detour to get around the closure and back to Globe so we can then get to Pima...We got to drive south through Kearney to Winkleman ( no need to go see those places people - boring) and then back north to the main highway at Globe...then back on track. Luckily we took this route instead of waiting it out, cause no sooner had we gotten back on track, we heard on the news that the closure was extended again until noon :( So we made it to the Temple just a little before our appointment time :) From the outside the Temple actually looks smaller than Newport Beach...It is beautiful inside as it should be and the kids really enjoyed the tour. They loved seeing the baptismal font, to which they noted that in the Newport Beach Temple they still had their scripture stones under the oxen...they hope they will be able to do this also for the Gilbert Temple. The girls LOVED the brides room with its beautiful chandalier and mirrors. The mural in the ordinance room was amazing...a beautiful desert scene, quite a change from the beach scene in Newport, and the last ordinance room was beautiful with slight blue accents in the filigree on the ceilings and in the lighting. The Celestial Room was also amazing as it should be, the girls were especially inpressed, as was I, of the huge chandalier in the middle - it was so bright and amazing to look at. The tour ended in 1 of the 2 sealing rooms which were also beautiful - the kids really enjoyed being at the altar looking at the mirrors. Mason talked with Ashlen about the sealing room we were sealed in and asked her if she remembered sitting on the altar as we were being sealed...what a memory - I don't even remember that!!!! He also thinks that the mirrors were full length in that room...anyone anyone....are there any full length mirrors in the largest sealing room off the Celestial Room in the LA Temple??? I guess Stevan and I need to go back and look...its been forever since we've been there...sorry for the the kids loved it - we then went to the building next door and enjoyed the cookies and displays, grabbed our cameras and headed back to take some photos outside the Temple. We ended up leaving after spending about an hour at the Temple and started on our trip back home. We stopped at this awesome little place for lunch on our way out of town...Taylors Freeze - we highly recommend it - good burgers and onion rings - and got back with no detour in 2 1/2 hours...the ride between Globe ad Superior is only 17 miles!!!! aaarrrggghhhh...well we made it and that was the point - detour or no detour. What a great day :)