Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tristen Scores

Tristen's first game back and she scored not once - but twice in her game on Saturday..I did not have my camera :( but she did amazing. She was sooo proud and even told me that it was quite easy as long as the little kids were on the field..Just need to watch out for Garrett Hill - she has a hard time scoring when he is on the field. She is all fired up for this weeks game and plans on scoring again...I just need to remember the camera!

Trip to CA

Our trip to CA was fun - we got to visit with friends and family and had a great Valentines day with the Farrers. The girls got up early and went to breakfast with Robbie and Stevan...they loved it, and then went and bought everyone flowers - the house looked like a florist shop. We went to dinner with Rob, Debby, Tristen, Heather and Paul at Dominics and had a great dinner..we then ditched the young adults and went to the movies. The kids meanwhile got to go swimming and mess around - there are photos below with friends and the fun they had. The ride home not so much fun...we lost a tire on the trailer we were towing with Stevan's parents stuff in it and had a little 5 hour layover in Corona..then after getting back in the road we had a blowout with one of the tires we just put on the trailer..anothere hour delay..then a fatality in Palm Springs stopped traffic for a while...we thought we'd never get home..all the while I had a crappy attitude and had to turn it around as Stevan asked me to pray for the family to get home safely after the second incident. I guess we were lucky that each time we got stranded the rain let up so we could fix the problem..the tire flew off 2 exits before a trailer repair shop which had all the tools Stevan needed to make the repairs...a towtruck pulled up about 10 minutes of waiting for Stevan to get back from a Walmart we saw off the freeway because our tire iron did not fit the lugnuts of the trailer tire..the tow truck driver changed the tire for us..and the wheel on the trailer waited until we got on the offramp by our final resting place for the trailer to start rubbing and burning. Yes - we had a lot to be grateful for and I do appreciate it now - just not so much during the thick of things..that is the pessimest in me :) I balance out Stevan's optimisim :)

Mason out at Kennedy High enjoying the rain

Clayton napping with Luke

The Farrer Floral Shop - thanks for the flowers guys :)

Mason and Jaina - they were heading out to brave the storm and pool in wetsuits

Mason making a splash

Mason, Julia and Danica at the high school

Clayton with his Tarheel Prdie shirt - sorry Damien - Duke still sucks

Ashlen, Luke and Lilly

Little T and Luke

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Surprise Visitors

Debby and Danica came to visit this past weekend and asked that we keep it a surprise from the kids - it was soooo hard but we did it. I kept trying to get the kids to clean up there bathroom, but between sports and school and scouts it wasn't really getting I told them that their grandparents were arriving on Saturday and would need to use the bathroom - it needed to be clean. So it wasn't really a lie...Grandma Debby was coming and there was a possibility the Robbie might be with her. So Dani and Debby arrived late Thursday night after the kids went to bed. The kids were up in the morning getting ready, rowdy as normal, and Ashlen went outside to get something from the car - she saw a car outside and came in to quiz Stevan on who was here...Stevan told them to guess and Tristen guessed Debby just as she peeked her head out o the guest room - the girls squealed! It was a shock. We had a great weekend and enjoyed our time together...too short...They left on Monday to return to CA and took Clayton home with them. He is loving life in CA - sitting on Grandma Debby's lap watching HellBoy II - his new favorite movie - hanging out with Luke and Lilly and I am sure playing with Zoey. He also has plans to see his cousins - I'm just not sure when. We miss them so much already we have decided to pop on down this weekend to spend Valentines Day with them cause we love them. See you guys soon :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fight Night

We had another fight night at our house this past Saturday for the GSP vs. BJ Penn fight. We always have fight night, but this time we borrowed the Kieta's projector and our personal IT guy Devin brought over his sound system to hook us up - we wanted to feel like we were there in Vegas for this fight. Well the set up was awesome !! The food was amazing..thanks Lisette for the meatballs..and Jade and I made pigs in a blanket :) plus all the other goodies... we carried the Fullmers couch over and sat and watched the fights. Mason and his buddies came over after their fireside and watched with us..but the fights were a little disappointing...there were only 2 KO's, the rest were judges decisions..there wasn't a lot of blood ( this is a must for me ) and our man BJ Penn was knocked out but the french canadian Georges St. Pierre. We don't like him - #1 - he is French Canadian #2 he wears tight little shorts to fight in #3 I hate how he celebrates - he jumps around and hugs his guys...really - is that how a UFC title holder should act?!? I tell you NO - I am hoping he goes down next fight. So it was a great night and we really appreciated the Kietas letting us borrow the projector. Stevan now wants one (YAY) so I am sure he'll be saving up his pennies ...and we can watch ALL our sports on the BIG we just need Devin to upgrade his sound system and give us his old one............Lisette??!!! The kids were tuckered out but the end - they had a hard night running around, jumping on the trampoline and providing some live UFC action in the front room.

Stevan cleaning up before the crowd arrives - making room for the couches :)

Our IT guy Devin Merrill :) We love him.....

The boys are done - the finally gave up and went to sleep....

Tristen and Stevan's First Game

Stevan had his first game coaching the U6 division and Tristen had her first game ever in her soccer career. They both did awesome! I was a little worried with how Stevan would do..he has only ever coached boys and he is pretty sarcastic and gets on the boys...he was concerned too - he has 2 girls on his team..Tristen is one of them, but these kids haven't played before and Stevan is pretty competitive. He did great and he actually said after that he had a fun time...I think it helps that unofficially we won ( you aren't supposed to keep score but we always do)

Tristen also had a great game. She ran hard and blocked some plays, she jumped in and almost scored a goal. She also had fun playing against her friends Sami and Garrett who were on the other team. The Yellow Jackets played hard...but in the end the Chargers had that extra goal. Way to go Chargers - Way to go Tristen! We have her second game this Saturday :)