Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wedding Nails

The girls are sooooo excited for Tristen & Scotty's wedding this November 24th. They both struggle with biting their nails so I challenged them last week to grow out their nails so that they would look nice for the wedding...after all flower girls should have pretty nails :) So its been a week and look at what they look like!!!! I need practice painting nails...Lisette will have to come over and help - so please don't judge the painting...

Ashlen's nails

Tristen's nails

Hair wars....

So I am not sure if other couples struggle with this...but I HATE to shave my legs and have managed to get away with shaving once a week....I should be grateful that Stevan has not really made a fuss, but he does complain that he is tired of sleeping next to sandpaper legs....So then I started making loud comments about how much I LOVE long hair on guys...we struck up a deal and he has not shaved his head in about a month or part of the deal is that I have to shave my legs 3 times a week....aaarrrggggg.....I can tell its killing him - his hair is getting long (well long for him) and it is growing out all salt & pepper (which I like)....I guess its a small price to pay??

More Soccer Pics

More pics of our Soccer Saturdays...we LOVE spending our Saturdays hanging out at Pathfinder park cheering on the Bruins and Ravens...then cheering on Stevan as he referees games :) The weather has been perfect and it is so nice to hang out on the blanket under any of the trees.....

Hall of Flame field trip

This week I chaperoned a field trip to the Firefighters Hall of Flame with Tristen's 2nd grade class. I wasn't sure what to expect - except for the headache I got sitting on the bus with 60 2nd graders for 1 hour into Phoenix...but I am happy to report I was pleasantly suprised. The museum actually had quite a few early handpumps and steam pumps and then an area with at least 15-20 fire engines ranging from the early 1900's through present. There was an area dedicated to 9-11 with a piece of the Twin Towers, along with names of fallen emergency responders. The kids all had a great time and I'll have to admit I did too. I had a group of 4 kids including Tristen and they were great kids - we had a fun time :)

Taylor, Sami, Tristen and Sophie

Me & Tristen


the bus ride to the museum