Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stick in the MUD

I do property inspections part-time and have the Florence / Coolidge area as my route. There are some dirt roads that I have to travel on and being that we have had rain for the past 5 days straight...I had some inspections on some of these dirt roads that I'd been saving, hoping that the dirt would be dirt instead of mud. So Stevan came with me in case I needed assistance on these roads...and I got STUCK :( Not fun - I felt super bad, I almost started crying.... as Kiran put it "a small part of me was dying inside" We were in mud up to the running boards, the axels were in the mud. So Stevan took a walk to try find help...he found some 2X4s to put under tires....Stevan's dad came and brought some shovels and we dug out...moved a little, dug out more, moved a little more, and then Stevan got us all the way out and back on track...It was a couple hours of "this really sucks" and Stevan has a blood blister on his was cold and basically I felt like crap for the mess I'd gotten us in. Stevan had a great attitude and tried to cheer me up about it :) I am over it...Let me say it again I HATE RAIN..... end of story :( I took photos AFTER we were out of the mud...I saw some humor after the fact...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its Raining :)

Some pics of the recent rains here....I am over it - rain is ok - flooding, high winds and creating havoc not so much :(

the soccer field Tristen plays on :)

the catch basin next to the kids school...looks like a swimming pool

the Sheriff sub-station on Hunt Hwy down from our house

Our backyard...nicknamed Lake Powell


Little T is near-sighted.....pretty bad in her left eye poor thing and not so bad in her right. So we went last week and picked out new glasses for her. She was super excited to wear them but no so much when the optometrist told us she'd have to wear an eye-patch a couple hours each night to try strengthen her left eye. Clayton told her she was beautiful in her glasses and while the other kids shouted AHOY - they are being good sports and trying not to tease her about the whole eye-patch thing. She chose cute pinkish/purple frames and does look really cute :)


So I thought I was gonna die....Stevan did this the other day and I hurt just looking at it. We took Clayton to the park and when it was time to leave he being a 4 year old, thought it woud funny to run Stevan chased him and ran up a spiral staircase which was a little low and smacked his head into the crossbeam and did this!!!

Blood gushed everywhere, we ran to the car and had nothing to stop the bleeding except for my jacket and then I proceeded to SPEED home( with my flashers on incase the cops wanted to chase me too). So I was pretty insistant we go straight to the ER but Stevan being the level-headed one said he wanted to look at it first. With the amount of blood I figured his head was split from ear to ear, but it turned out not so much...He took painkillers and we rinsed his head, and we put icepacks on his head to numb it up a little, then I got the scissors and cut away hair for a better look - then he scrubbed it - yes scrubbed it, I was waiting for him to pass out from the pain, I shaved the area and used tweezers to make sure there was no hair in the cut, then I got glue to glue it shut. I was a little queezy...I thought I could take some nursing classes and I'm ok with other people, but was not too good when it was Stevan we were looking at. We'll see I guess.....but all is ok - he just had a bad headache for a while.... We are gonna have to shave his hair off to match the bald patch I cut :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


So I know I've been real slack about updating the blog...I've been struggling lately with stuff and so I haven't felt like doing much....the Christmas season was great and I really enjoyed it...then things spiralled down from there. We had a wonderful Christmas and really enjoyed having family around. Stevan's grandparents were visitng from CA and we took a 4 generation photo of the boys. Not wanting to feel left out, the girls took a photo with Maw Maw...they turned out cute. We got the kids a fooseball table with table tennis, pool and air-hockey - they have really enjoyed it and so have our friends who've come to challenge us :)

We also had the arrival of Blake Robert Cavanaugh on Christmas Day...the kids were super excited cause he was 10 days late AND they have no excuse to forget his birthday!! I am really excited because I have a real BRC in the family now (inside joke)

We also went to CA for the weekend. Stevan had an ABR Conference there for the week and so we joined him for the end of the week. Clayton went early and played with his cousins and had a great much so that he is still there...we miss him tons. We also got treated to some sweet rolls by Debby and got our hair done by Tristen...

the kids went on a train ride with was a great time. We are back..things are the same...we will do better...I have attached photos of stuff :)