Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beach Bunnies

The girls are in sunny california with grandma debby and robbie. They are living the life being beach bunnies and loved hanging at the beach with big T and Scotty...these girls have the life...

How do you spell relax?? RIVER

we were at it again...more fun at the Colorado river..We LOVE being there and LOVE having fun with the FARRERS :)

Doesn't this pose sum it all up?!

me & Lisette tubing

Still tubing

see......I can actually do things other than just tan and read a book...my kids were shocked at my skills.

Stevan can wae surf too...we oldies still have it in us to shock and awe!

Clayton relaxing

Princess Ash...wearing those shades like she's a celeb!

hanging with T in the no wake zone...this is where she gets her u-boarding practice

Camp Geronimo

Mason just returned from Scout Camp - he spent a whole week away from his brother and sisters and loved every minute of it. They had tons of fun swimming and canoeing and watching their leaders make big waves, drinking slushies and soda, playing pranks on each other, getting into freezing cold water...just being boys without parents telling them what to do. He made a leather and bead bracelet for me and a leather money clip for Stevan. He worked on his swimming, canoeing, forestry and Fish & Wildlife management badges. We are so glad they enjoyed their time. Upon returning Mason found out we were gone at the river again...but he perked up when he found that he had been called as 2nd counselor in the Deacons quorum and has been elected to the Order of the Arrow for scouting. woo hoo.

Clayton's a Swimmer

We decided to sign Clayton up for swimming lessons this summer. Although it seems that this kid is all rough and tough..he is actually scared of a few things...and water is one of them..sure he goes in the pool or river, but he stays close to the edge and has to have his life vest on. So...we had him try out a lesson with Mandy Bailey and she is wonderful...so we were sold. Let me tell you that it is like night and day with Clayton and water now. He only had 3 lessons...we were out of town.. yada yada yada...so that was all it took. He jumps in, he takes off as soon as we get to the pool and is floating on his back, and swimming to the other side, and doing "tricks" which is very important. We are so glad the "switch" was turned and hope we can fit in another session before the end of summer.

Clayton is a huge fan of the kickboard...he does some of his "tricks" with this

Jumping in with the help of Camille his teacher

Swimming away...kick kick kick

Floating on his back with help from Camille

Friday, June 19, 2009

Casa Grande Ruins

We live about 1/2 an hour from the Casa Grande Ruins and the kids always ask if we can go. They have since we moved here so what 2 years......so yesterday I have some inspections in Coolidge and told the kids that if they wanted to come along and sit while I did the inspections..I would take them to lunch AND the ruins. Well they thought it sounded great - the girls popped in a movie and watched it with Clayton while Mason sat up front and became my navigator / boy friday and away we went. There were a few moans but overall they were great...AND they decided to get McD's for lunch...Mason objected but was overruled...what could he do...so we stopped at the Coolidge McD's - which has a playground - and had lunch. We bumped into Christian Hughes there and got the good news that Emily and the kids were coming to meet him for lunch...so bonus - there were going to be friends!! I think the people at McD's threw a party when we left - they could actually hear themselves think...Why is it that kids have 1 volume - and it is always set to loud?! So we left and went to the Ruins. The kids had fun - but there wasn't a lot to see...they spent more time in the little museum looking at the displays, playing on the interactive TV which was showing desert reptiles / animals. Oh well - we did it - I won't hear any more complaining about going there now.....I am just getting pressure on Slide Rock...we'll be going soon.........

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We're Baaaack

Bet you didn't even know we were gone!! We went to the river again this past weekend. The boys have been in CA with Robby & Debby and we decided it would be fun to meet up at the river to pick them up instead of driving all the way down to get them...problem being Robby was sick and Debby had a meeting so we met Heather and Tristen who brought the boys to the river for us :) Thanks girls - we love ya. So...we all love Heather and her driving skills...yes I allow my children in the car with her..she has never had an accident with them in the car....and I get a call as we are driving to Parker from Mason..."Mom - a deer almost killed us!" - me - "what are you talking about - how can a deer almost kill you?" Mason - "Well Heather is driving and a deer jumped out in front of us and almost killed us" Me - " I think you should be saying that Heather almost killed us by hitting a deer?" Mason - "well....the deer jumped out and then ran in the same direction that she was driving". Me -"tell Tristen to drive". So they made it and we made it - we had the usual...... tons of soda, chips, crackers, EL Fudge, and we had a HUGE bag of weed...(sunflower seeds for those not in on our joke) and we had a great time. Heather got injured pretty quickly - she went to get off the boat and fell between the boat and the dock. We had trouble getting the boat going..a part had blown apart so luckily Stevan was able to figure it out and go buy a new part and then install it. We went tubing and kneeboarding and wakeboarding. We floated in the "no wake" zone - Little T went u-boarding and screamed the entire time - even though she was up on the board! We then got Ash on it and she screamed because she was done and she wanted Stevan to kill the engine...well he wouldn't - that was fun....Clayton went tubing after some prodding. He also was brave enough to sit on the step behind the boat...I am pretty sure it was because he really wanted to pee. We ate tostadas and loved the fresh salsa Stevan made. We had fun - but missed Debby and Robby...next time guys..T is already trying to seee when we have another free weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We did it!!

Happy Anniversary to us....we made it to our 12th year! There were many nay sayers and we showed them!! I guess when you start out like we did we had the odds against us. Luckily we figured it out pretty early on and got our acts together. Crazy...the thing is we have known each other for years - 22 to be exact...so it feels like we've been together forever...We didn't really plan anything..this normally happens..we know it is coming and then - it passes. We just hung out and watched the Laker game together - in peace and quiet because our boys are in CA visiting a set of grandparents. Welp - maybe we'll do something big for our 15th...yeah right..just like we did for our 10th...(Actually we moved into our home for that one). It doesn't matter - we are happy and still love being together and that's what counts. Here's to many more years of Stevan making me laugh and pushing me outside my comfort zone...He is definitely good for me :)