Thursday, March 26, 2009

How hot is it??

the weather has been wonderful - we are gearing up for a great summer and I saw this cartoon on a friends is fitting for us :) I also thought my sisters-in-laws would love this as they swear this place is hotter than Haiti and they will NEVER live here...ha ha - we do and so do your parents!!!! what now!? (as Mason would say)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Way to Play Tristen

She is going in for a goal!!!!

Yeah - she scored - she's walking away proud - head held high

She is diving for the ball - actually I think she tripped going in for another goal - she didn't make this one :(

Proudly displaying her medal and certificate :)

Sadly today was the last game for Tristen. The Chargers had a great game and we had to stop counting the goals because there were soooo many - I think everyone scored at least once. Our Tristen did awesome as always and scored 3 goals!!!! Last week I told her that I would start paying her for goals...we did this for Mason..and have continued with other sports for touchdowns and homeruns.....Grandma Judi was on hand for last weeks game and told her she'd match whatever I paid $4.00 total for each score. Well she didn't score last week but remembered the deal and ran up to me so excited because she figured she had earned herself $12.00 for the day...not too bad for a 5 year old :) Lucky for us - she had a couple near misses otherwise I think she'd be up in the $20.00 range easily.

She can dribble like a champ - Dad is so proud of his girl!!

What a Sunset..........

So not to brag or anything, but look at this............

Yep - here in good ol AZ - we see sunsets like this ALL the time - Aren't you jealous?? Another plus for moving here :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

It wasn't me!!

So I found these handprints on my wall the other day...just about Clayton level going up the stairs...I asked him if he had done this but he told me it wasn't him!!! I think the evidence speaks for itself :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let's go Yankees

Mason is on the Yankees. He had opening day today and we took a few shots while at Tristen's game before dropping him off. As you can see by Stevan's attire...he is coaching Mason's team....

Standing next to Grandma Judy..showing her he is almost taller than she is.

Mason, Grandma, Tristen, Stevan (AKA Mr. Cheeeeeese) Ash

More Action shots of Tristen

Another Saturday another series of photos of Tristen...She only has 1 more game next week and her seaon is over..I am sad - it has been fun watching her play. She really enjoys the game. We are looking into the next season which is supposed to be coming up soon - this one should be longer :) For now we will have to enjoy baseball and softball with Mason and between March Madness of course.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

View from the Mountain

Yesterday we went walking with Mom & Dad on the state land behind our house. We went to the mountain we love riding up and down and took a look around. What a view. We are blessed to live 5 minutes from this - what could be more perfect for our family..we have room to ride right in our own backyard without having to pack up and take off for the whole day. We need to hurry up and give the dirtbikes a tune up so we can get out while the weather is still nice.

Too Bigger to Jump

Yesterday Clayton wanted someone to jump on the trampoline with him. It was nap time so hs friends were napping - which is what he should have been doing - and I was baking I I suggested that maybe he ask Grandma Anne to jump with him. Oh no - apparently grandma is "too bigger to jump", so I suggested Grandpa Wayne jump with him - grandpa is also "too bigger" but grandpa being a good sport, went out to get on the trampoline with him. What a sight - Grandpa didn't really jump - he just stood as Clayton jumped around hi, trying to bounce him up and down. When they finally cam inside Dad noted that forfuture reference he needs to remove the tri-focals before getting bac on the trampoline!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wedding Plans

Clayton always tells us that he is going to marry Jada Hunsaker...Well he told us that they will be married in the Blue Temple - we are not sure where this is located...maybe the Gilbert temple is going to be blue and we just don't know about it yet!? But...the other day he was playing with Jada and he must have done something wrong because she yells out to him "Clayton I am not going to marry you now - you are going to have to marry someone else - You can marry Kinlynn" He didn't have much to say but must have gotten into her good books because a short time later she yells at him "OK - I will marry you now"....

Tristen shoots - but doesn't score

Tristen's soccer update - she was a little sluggish this week - but still did an outstanding job - Here are a couple shots of her in action.

Tristen and her best frind Lily Fullmer

Just jogging

Notice she is matching - she found these old soccer socks that match her shirt and she wears these each game :)

Who likes to Rock the Party?

Mason has been enjoying life as a "teenger" for a while now, but it actually hit me the other day...He had a school dance that he wanted to attend and so I teased him a little and then said sure. I wasn't around as I had carpool for softball, but he went and apparently had fun...So when I got home from practice he had just gotten home from the dance and was now trying to talk Stevan into letting him go to a party - I guess a continuation of the school dance at a friends house next to the school. He and Jose were begging and Stevan wasn't budging...I thought it was funny until he turned the question to me...I am not ready to face "girls" and all that comes with it - but I was done hearing the pleading so I said sure - they had to be home by 9:30ish. So I dropped them off at the party and that was that. I came home and went to Stevan went to pick them up - and even extended their curfew....... So we've had girls calling the house and his old cell phone that I took back...what was I thinking. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at the dance and party - maybe Mason has some dancing skills??? No - I think he just likes to "Rock the Party". Good Times Good Times.

It's a Catcher's World

So I took Ashlen to Softball yesterday and the coach assked for volunteers for the Catcher's position and Ashlen's hand shot straight up. I was apprehensive - Ashlen isn't really "sporty spice" and if you've seen her throw and catch she truly fits the "throws like a girl" steroetype. Well she got the gear on and I was blown away - she sucked at first but then really settled in to the task - keeping the ball in front of her - throwing to the pitcher and actually making it - standing on homepplate to tag out the runners coming in!!! Wow - that $5.00 we spent last week to send her to a softball clinic really paid off. Her throwing is 100% better and when she got up to hit she did!!! So...maybe her calling in life is catcher - maybe she can follow in the footsteps of her brother and actually find her sport.... She could be more than a Cheerleader :) I'll have to take some photos at the next practice so you can see her in action.