Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today was Little League Day and the Queen Creek Heat league went to see the ASU girls softball team play UCLA, Ashlen's team got to go. Of course we were on board for this!!! We went without Stevan and Mason - Mason had a game :( It was great - We got to tour the facilites and then Ashlen got to be on the field as the National Anthem was played. At first they were only going to allow 1 girl per team to go on the field..Ashlen actually won the chance to go, but then got all shy saying she didn't want to...then they said the whole team could go out so she was pumped up about it. The game was televised so she got all excited that maybe she would be on TV!! We then got to see ASU get a butt kicking as UCLA scored 4 runs the 1st inning and 4 runs in the 2nd inning - a couple which were home runs!!! So the final score was 9-1 UCLA...We sat right behind the Bruins area which was nice - I got to cheer loudly and proudly although I did not wear my shirt...I did not want to cause any trouble for Ashlen.... So the weather was great :) we had In-N-Out before the game :) and UCLA won :) what more could you ask for???

Ash & Lindsey Lopez in the dugout

Ash in the locker room

Tristen with Sparky

the Bruin Ladies

the girls on the field waiting for the National Anthem

Ash in the dug out

the Sun Devil locker room

Grandma, Grandpa, Ash, Tristen and Clayton

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mason takes one for the team - and almost dies....

Mason had a late game last night - it didn't start until 7:30pm so I wasn't there..someone had to stay home with the girls so they could go to bed at a decent hour. So Mason was at 1st base and took off on his way to 2nd then I guess figured he couln't make it or something so he came back to 1st where he was tagged by the ball in the throat. He said the catcher had the ball and fired it to 1st base where it landed right smack on his neck / throat area. Stevan was 1st base coach and saw it all, the manager was 3rd base coach and heard the noise from all the way over there. He was taken out of the game and they put ice on him. He said he got to stay catcher for the remainder of the game - but he wasn't up for the last inning. He stayed home today..he is a little swollen and it looks like it is a little discolored..I am sure we will see more - its only been 15 hours since "the incident". His neck is pretty stiff and he is in pain....oh the price he pays for sports...dislocated fingers.. bruised ribs.. that is part of being a boy!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

River Trip

We snuck away to the river this past week - oh what a grand time. I was in desperate need of some r&r and this was just the thing. I left Wednesday with the girls and Clayton - we got a little lost trying to find a Walmart off the freeway on the other side of town, but once we got done with that we were on our way. Stevan and Mason left after Mason's baseball game and met us later in Parker. The kids got up early and went out with Stevan on Thursday on the boat - they had a great time and I spent the WHOLE day inside doing nothing...except for playing tetris and going to the grocery store with Debby. I stayed in my pjs all day :) Friday I ventured out and tanned - went on the boat - had a nice relaxing day. Robbie joined us later in the day - we went out to dinner before Stevan and Mason had to leave to get back home for Mason's double header on Saturday. We went to the movies and the kids saw Hannah Montana with Robbie - Debby and I saw 17 again with T, heather & paul. It was nice :) Saturday we tanned more and relaxed at the water - I believe the kids went out on at least 4 boat trips - they had soooo much fun. We packed up and left around 7pm - so it was a nice long weekend. Mason was loving life - he was given the green light to drive the golfcart around - with supervision of course. He is finally allowed to get about without relying on Danica. The girls did a wind dance on Friday - it wss a little windy and Stevan tld them if they wanted to go out on the water they needed the wind to die down a little...a wind dance would surely help the situation and make it go away :) Clayton loved being with Debby - they ate cheetos and he got his hugs in. He wanted to go home with her..but we explained that she was going back to CA and I was headed to AZ. He played with the dogs and ate whatever he wanted for the weekend. The girls loved having Robbie around - they can't wait until summer when they can spend more time at the Farrers :) Thanks for inviting us - we love being at the river with you...we can't wait to use the wake surf board this summer...RJ better figure it out so he can come too.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We went shopping for Easter Dresses yesterday for the girls...duh..I guess it would be just the girls..anyways they both picked out an outfit and shoes separate. Who knew they would have chosen the same colors. Imagine our suprise when they got home and showed Grandma Anne their outfits - Grandma had chosen a shirt which was the same color!! So they were color coordinated for Church. Here are photos...Of course we didn't get a great one of Clayton - we did sneak one when he was getting his tie on..but that was it. We hope you all had a Happy Easter.

Grandma fixing Clayton's tie

Mason and Grandma

the girls

Ashlen Jessica

Ashlen Jessica

Tristen Lisette

Tristen Lisette

Ashlen's Bunny Cake

Yesterday Ashlen was feeling sad. Mason was hanging with his friends and Tristen was snatched up by the Robinsons when we were at it was just her and Clayton. Well he isn't much fun, so she wanted to bake something...What about a Bunny Cake!! So she got out ingredients, mixed up her cake, waited patiently for it to be done, and then got to decorating with Grandma Anne's help. Being that this was her first bunny cake - I think she did a great job!! Tristen came home and was very jealous...I guess next year we need to get smaller round pans cause we're going to have 2 bunny cakes.

This is how we do it

As many of you know, I took up baking when I moved here to AZ - I kind of had too since we were moving away from Debby and we can't live without her famous cookies. Anyways, I make cookies at least a couple times a week - the kids insist and the neighborhood kids all know about them, so they aren't around for long....Stevan's parents have also taken a liking to them. I also make brownies on occasion... The other day I was craving brownies, so I made some..with the help of Clayton - who is ALWAYS eager to "help".

Thursday, April 9, 2009

MOM - dogs don't wear shirts

I was at WalMart the other day with Clayton picking up dog food when we went down the aisle with the doggy items - you know dog bowls, leashes, clothes etc. So Clayton was looking at what was on the wall and noticed the dog shirts...he told me he liked one of the shirts and could I get it for him. I told him that the shirts were for dogs, not little boys. "Mom - dogs don't wear shirts!" was the reply I got. "Yeah - I know Clayton - dogs don't wear shirts but some people like thir dogs to have shirts" was my reply..."that is crazy" was his comeback. Yep - strange how a 3 year old gets it!!!! Can you tell we are not pet parents?? Holly and Tink stay outside and they certainly do not have any shirts....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dodgers vs Royals

Stevan's sister Carrie, her husband Jeff and their cute kids Emma and Cameron visited this weekend to catch some spring training games. We went with them to see the dodgers on Friday and had a great time. Clayton especially enjoyed having his cousins visit - every morning he woke up asking where Emma was and they spent a lot of time jumping on the trampoline. playing together and hanging with the dogs. The Dodgers didn't win - but it was a beautiful day and I think I got some sun!!! Thanks for visiting Farrs :) - we had a great time. We will get you back for the love note you left us though.....we get home from church to find this...... well - the UCLA / USC rivalry lives on.

the girls trying to get Andre to wave to them - he didn't - what a loser

Mason and Jose enjoying themselves

Clayton loving his pretzel

the kids

Clayton and Emma

Carrie, Jeff, Emma and Cameron

Tristen is 6

Our little TT had her 6th birthday this past week. Boy how time flies...This is the baby who needed to be born before Seinfeld started because it was an episode I hadn't seen yet!! I got to the hospital around water broke earlier that day but I decided to wait for Stevan to get home from work -then got yelled at once we got to the hospital for waiting so long to get there by the nurses..Sure enough - she was born with time to spare - I think all the equipment was out of there and Stevan and I were able to enjoy Seinfeld :) So back to Tristen..our little girl had a great day - she opened presents and requested Quiche for dinner, then ate the cupcakes she frosted for her "cake". On Saturday morning we went shopping at Justice and she was allowed to pick 2 outfits - and then we had a huge pizza party with a princess cake and icec-cream. She got to jump on the trampoline and play Rock Band until she asked us if she could go to bed. How time flies!!!

Ashlen's skills

Poor Ashlen - she has been playing softball for a few weeks now and I have yet topost any pics of her. She is doing great! For those who are not aware...Ashlen is not sporty..sure she loves to cheer and really does well with that "sport" but as far as running and moving around for long periods of time - she gets bored and ends up standing on the field somewhere doing cheers! So she volunteered to be catcher and has been doing a great job with this position. We are trying to have her watch Mason to gets tips on catching and work with her on batting also. She made a deal with Grandpa Al when she started that for aeach home run he would pay her $20.00...well we found out at her first game that she can't hit a home run - they can only advance 2 bases on a she was sad - but she had some great hits and made $6.00 with her hitting skills. Is it wrong to pay kids for goals / hits / touchdowns???? I think not - we certainly do to enourage excellence in sports!!! Here are some pics - enjoy.