Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lets go TIGERS

Ethan, Lauren, Oliviya, Gavin, Tristen & Chowder

Tristen running the ball down

Tristen, Chowder and Lauren

Coach Steve

Soccer season has started and Stevan is SOOOO Happy...His team colors are Blue and Gold..Do you get where I'm going here? He CAN wear his Bruins shirt and is asking me to intervene and ask the big cheese if we can have our name changed to the Bruins....whatever!! Oh - and by the way...I got the job of team mom'm coaches wife, isn't that enough???? So we had our first game and the team did awesome! We had 5 goals and according to Tristen..they so won - the other team only had 1 goal...she is keeping score!! She scored 2 of the goals :) Stevan has 3 players from last year and so I think he is having an easier time cause everyone knows his style. We are so excited for this season and Tristen is ready to get it done!!!!

Moving to San Fransisco???

Austin wears skinny jeans....we are not sure why...cause it looks lame... and we always ask him why cause it doesn't look comfortable but we have still to get a straight answer...he looks feminine and we tease him a lot, as does Mason and imagine our surprise when Mason, Jose and Austin show up Thursday night at our house ALL wearing skinny jeans!! They thought it would be funny and it was...but then they wanted to wear them to the football game later that night...well its not MY reputation on the line - I could care less...we'll just keep making fun of them!! So after coming over and then posing for pics..the girls put on their CD's and we watched the boys dance to Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" - if any of you have seen my facebook posting of some guys doing a lip would have been rolling on the floor laughing...they also rocked out to Taylor Swift's "You Belong with Me". Good times people...should've been here. So the skinny jeans have not made an appearance since that night...could the phase be over already?? We sure hope so.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Broncos baby

We've been supporting the Poston Butte Broncos and attending the local football games...after all we hope Mason is playing next year. We were just at the Forthcoming this past Thursday night with our friends the Whittakers and snapped a couple pics of the kids showing their Bronco Spirit. Grandma Debby is loving this..seiing her kids in Bronco blue & orange!!!

Ash, T and Clayton in front of the Walker Butte float that was in the parade earlier in the day.

Tristen with her Bronco shirt(grandma Debby gave her) beads and balloon

Chase showing her blue & orange spirit

Clayton & Reese showing what color airheads they were enjoying

Ash, Savanna & Clayton waiting for the game to begin

little T has FINALLY lost a tooth

Tristen has been very self concious of her teeth..if you look you will notice that they aren't very big..she is upset that Clayton has bigger teeth and the kids will point it out when they want to irritate her. on our way to the river last month she announced that her tooth was loose....we were super excited..I was beginning to think she was doomed and they would never come out. She showed everyone and we all tried to talk her into letting us pull it out but she wouldn't have it. We tried having her eat apples and other foods which might help it come out but nothing. So we are at the Poston Butte Forthcoming game Thursday night and she walks up with the tooth in hand and a little came out!!! YAY - she was super excited and I held the tooth to make sure she wouldn't lose it..She wanted to put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. Being the number 1 mom that I am..totally forgot and she was disappointed to find her tooth the next morning under her pillow instead of $$$. I gotta remember to do better. So - 1 tooth down..many more to go.

Scorpion sighting

So Mason was in front of the house last weekend and was clearing out the car at night when we heard a scream....or gasp..and he saw this scorpion right under my car!!!We always run around here without our shoes on...what now?..we are gonna have to wear shoes I Stevan went out and chopped off his stinger and the boys played with it a while...then decided they were done and chopped off his head and put him on an ant hill at the bottom of our driveway. I checked in the morning and the skeleton was picked clean! So I guess we need to be more careful..I had a false sense of security thinking we didn't have a problem here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Soccer Studs

Soccer season has finally arrived. If you ask Tristen it should never have been gone. I actually took her to Ashlen's dance class to see if she would rather sign up for dance, but no, our little T is all about Soccer!! Well we had sign-ups this week and today we had a soccer clinic at the park. We told Clayton he could play and he was super excited...he was trying on Tristen's cleats Friday and running around pretty proud of himself. Unfortunately the cleats still fit Tristen..we were going to get bigger cleats for her and let him wear her "old" ones, but we didn't find any last night on our trip to town. So....there was a sleepover last night at my house..Tristen and her friend Chase stayed up until after 10:30p.m. (thats when I went to bed) after watching Mama Mia and eating candy and junk food. They were up at the crack of dawn pounding on my door to find out where the soccer gear was..then Clayton came knocking down my door wanting to know if we could tie his shoes...We got balls pumped up and ended up at the field in time - whew..that 6am wake up for the 8am clinic was the trick!!! I guess we'll have to make sure we get a whole 2 hours to get ready next week...NOT. So here are the pics...they had fun and will be at another clinic next Saturday before the season starts in a couple weeks. Stevan is coaching again and we expect a big team..there are tons of parents requesting him as a coach :)

Tristen, Chase & Zachary

Clayton doing his thing

Tristen and Clayton working on a drill

Tristen and Chase were on the same team for a scrimmage

More ball handling skills

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Ashlen

Our sweet challenging Ashlen is 9 years old!!! Man how time flies....she came down the stairs the other day in a waaaay tooo short skirt with a tank top. She thought it looked did, but not for her!!! So she went back upstairs and came down in another skirt which is normally to just below her knees, but it looked a little higher. She laughed as she came down exclaiming that she only needs to roll the waisteband a little and the skirt looks a lot better on her this way!! We are so not ready for this...I told her to fix it before I threw that skirt out too.

SoCal Visitors

So I totally forgot to mention that we had special visitors a couple weekends could I..Actually I wouldn't have forgotten if someone had emailed me all those photos he took!!! Robbie and Debby came up for a business trip and stopped off on their way home to help us celerate Ashlen's 9th birthday. What a treat it was for her - she was soooo excited and even more so when Robbie and Debby took us to Birthday breakfast since our tradition of spending birthday dinners with them dies when we moved out here. We went to Recipies in Queen Creek and the food was great. We showed them the kids schools and where we like to ride then we sat and chatted until they had to get home. Apparently Bishop Farrer had to speak the next day....whatever. Well Mason is busy trying to schedule his hunter safety class before Robbie leavees for Elk Hunting in Utah...he really wants to go with Rob!!! So after they left we rested for a bit and waited for Stevan to get home..then we got ready to drive to Grand Canyon University to meet Big T and Scottie and his family. Scottie plays soccer for CSUDH and they were here for a game. We lost and we were sad but we were excited to see big T and watch a great game.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Fun

Being that this was the first day in like a month that Stevan has had completely "OFF" we decided to start out our Labor Day with a was a little chilly, but the kids were able to show Stevan their new skills..Clayton now swims underwater and likes to float on his back, Ashlen and Tristen have been working on their diving and Tristen has been working on swimming under through peoples legs. Mason and Stevan just tossed the football back and forth while I relaxed :) Then we came home and worked on the bikes for a bit to make sure they were ready and we took them out for a ride:) The weather actually wasn't too hot...we took the canapy and I followed the boys back to our spot in the Expedition where we set up camp. We all got to ride and we had a great time. We came home hot and exhausted so we ran over to the pool again so we could cool off before we ate hamburgers and watched football and jumped on the trampoline. We had a great day together and I know Stevan really enjoyed being at home with us.....finally.....

Stevan taking the bike from Mason...Mason didn't want to get on his own bike!!!!

Mason again..

Me, Ash & clayton

Stevan & Clayton

I can't get my foot on the pegs with Clayton's leg there...I had to keep telling him to keep his feet up so I could shift :)

Tristen went with Stevan

I think Ash was being photographer - a blurry Mason

Tris and Clayton

the girls :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Let it RAIN!!

So Monsoon season is fun - but this year has been disappointing...not a lot of rain. We have had our share of great thunderstorms and lightning shows, but it isn't the same without the rain. We woke up Saturday morning and the skies were black..we got a TON of rain and the kids all went out to enjoy and try find frogs.


Mason is on a Jnr High team this year with the STFYL and he is a BULLDOG. He has been very dedicated...he missed our annual week long river trip to stay through Hell Week!! He is enjoying himself, but would enjoy it way more if he got more playtime....I guess he shouldn't have mentioned to the defensive coordinator who wanted the high school defensive coordinator to see his moves that he wasn't going to THEIR high school...Sorry Queen Creek High - he is a Poston Butte BRONCO...oh well...can't win them all...the Jnr High team is a feeder team and they teach the kids the High School plays they will need as a freshman the following moves...Hey - we'll know our opponents moves...I guess we can look at it that way.......

My Fav River Pics

Well - because we always take a ba gillian pics at the river - I decided to just put a couple of my favorite ones on here...the rest are on facebook if you want to see all 200 of them :) We LOVE the river and we LOVE going there with the Farrers :)