Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bend it like Tristen ( or Beckham)

Our little tt had her second soccer clinic today - what fun. She was just as enthusiastic as she was for the first soccer clinic and she is taking to soccer like a fish to water. Like I said - people are going to be saying "Bend it like Tristen" She is super excited and Stevan is excited to be coaching her this year. What a change it will be for him - he has always coached Mason's teams - and so now he will have to use some of that sweet side to coach girls :) We'll see how he does...his girls manage to have him wrapped around their fingers...let's see what these girls can do. We have pics on Jade's camera and will post them when she emails them to me.

On another note - Ashlen is now officially signed up for Queen Creek Heat!!!! She will be playing fastpitch softball...I am a little worried about her face - she doesn't have a great track record with actually catching the ball yet...but they are also starting some clinics which we will be sure to get her to so she can get with the program before actually getting on the field :) She has try-outs in 2 weeks - let's hope she can improve by then :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Show your support

For Boy Scouts this year, our troop is selling a flag service as their fundraiser to help raise $$$ for their upcoming camps this year. For $35.00 a year the boys will install a sleeve in the ground on your yard and put up a flag for specific holidays through the year - the boys hve to store the flags!! (so we have a ton of flags in our garage) The boys get up early so it is there when you wake up, and then take it down at night. Mason has had a blast running around selling flag subscriptions. He and Stevan got up early on MLK day to install the flags for his territory. It looked quite impressive seeing Flags line the streets and this will hopefully help instill some patriotism to those who seem to have none. ( I can be in that category sometimes being that I am NOT an Americam ... which still bothers Stevan ) What a great idea and what a wonderful service. Here is a shot in front of our house :)

Ashlen has a fat cheek!

Stevan and Ashlen have been throwing the softball around..trying to get her warmed up for softball...but she hasnt quite mastered the whole "put your glove up to stop the ball from hitting your face" move yet. Ha Ha

the Trampoline is up

The Fullmers got a trampoline for Christmas and the kids have been living there ever since. I was feeeling really bad...I hate it when the kids are practically living I got Stevan to pull ours out of the garage and assemble it. We were planning on digging a hole and putting it in the ground...but if we wait for that impulse to hit the kids may be grown and gone :) So it is up...the kids love it...and we will dig the pit when the mood hits...don't hold your breath though.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

random updates - no photos

So I thought I'd give a quick update on what's what before I forget - this is my journal you know - and if I don't put it down it will be lost forever :( So all kids were given awards this past quarter for grades. Mason made the "Teachers Honor Roll" Ashlen made the "Principals Honor Roll" and Tristen made the "Scholars of Distinction" list. Stevan and I made it to Tristen's award ceremony this time around and walked in just as they were calling her up on stage. What luck - and then my camera wouldn't focus ( it has been doing this for a while now) so there are no pics...but on the upside - my wonderful husband went out and bought me a new camera - so look out world I am up and running again :) We also witness Dr. Egan singing a solo which was a treat - the Pirate song is one to be heard - ask him to sing it to you when you bump into him at church - it is a treat:) I am in the process of moving our office into our formal dining (which we actually use as a study for the kids) and in doing so have moved computers etc which has been fun for me to set up. My BIL Devin came over and made the room Computer ready with his handy skills and now we are ready to go. Well we have an old laptop of Lisette's that I was using until Stevan bought me a new one,,,and so I told the kids they could use that for school work and to load songs onto their Ashlen went ahead and took it upon herself to become the administrator and assigned a password and then locked Mason out so he couldn't read her stories she has been writing!!! HaHa - and then she accidentally pushed number lock and didn't realize it so she couldn't get back in!!! HaHa - and then Mason really got mad - he couldn't charge his MP3 for a couple of days!! It was drama let me tell you and I couldn't stop I fixed it - yep I know amazing - and I became the Administrator with a password and assigned each kid an account with NO passwords. How the heck did we survive without computers when we were little? - I'll tell you - I had a stinking electric typewriter. Even Tristen has Tech in school and has a super long password that she recited to me to prove that she could have a password on our computer. I can't even remember that many digits!! Ok - so then we also signed Tristen up for soccer - she looks good on the field - way better than Ashlen did when she played soccer but then again Ashlen only cheered on the soccer field in between doing cartwheels so I guess that isn't very hard!!! But She does look good - she runs hard and chases down the ball - look out Beckham - Powell is on the field. And Finally I am getting around to painting the boys room - it should all be painted by the end of the week. I am in blue right now, Stevan needs to get some yellow for a stripe and then I need to paint the boys shelving and beds black. I have to order their Fathead Bruin and will post pics when that is completed. I think that is it - I have to get photos of the Rainbows on T's feet if she stops long enough with them on...we have a story there...and we are gearing up for more sports sign-ups...........

Friday, January 2, 2009

Little T

Tristen has been bugging me to take a photo of her quilt Debby made for her - So I told her to take a photo today and I would post it for Debby. Well apparently she asked Mason to take a couple extra so Big T culd see her new movie star glasses and we will no doubt be taking another one when her new flip flops arrive. She is very excited that I ordered her some rainbows so she will be just like Big T :)

Clayton's hair cut

Clayton is a pretty smooth guy..He got his hair cut today and I wanted to post a pic so that mum could I asked him if I could take a photo and he said only if Jada could be in the photo...well she said yes and then he pulled her in close and said "cheese". Why do I have to be punished for Stevan's antics as a teenager? We have a lady killer at 3 years old !!!!

Happy New Year

We hope you all had a Happy New Year. We actually stayed up until midnight this time around - thanks to Mason and Lisette & Devin. Being that Mason is now in mutual..the stake had a New Years Party and of course he had to go...which means he has to be picked up - thats where we come in...can't wait until he drives..j/k The Yosts came and picked Mason up - who was getting ready about 2 hours before he even had to be there. So then part 2 - Lisette and Devin threw a New Years Rockband party...we figured if we had to be up to get Mason we might as well be at a party. So we got dressed up and went. Ashlen babysat and the little kids had a party of their own - soda, chips, snacks, movies - they had fun. So when I was getting ready Tristen was concerned about my look - she wasn't sure Stevan would enjoy the "goth" look...the kids didn't really recognize me when I left. Well we had fun - we ate, rocked out, Devin burned the Christmas tree so we had a bonfire - it was a great time. I left at 12:30 to go pick up Mason, Dusty and Cheyenna up from the stake center. I didn't really think about it until I got there and realized that I had to get out and go get Mason. I walked right up to him and he didn't recgnize me either. Jose had told Mason he thought he saw me but wasn't sure it was me. Well the kids had fun - they took photos and apparently learned the electric slide..Dusty was crushing on some girl, Cheyenna said Mason ruined their photo times I tell you. So we ushered in 2009 and are ready for a great year full of fun.