Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mason and Danica

My camera disappeared for a while at the river and I discovered these photos. Mason and DD - hard to believe these two are almost 12 & 15. I have pictures of them at Mason's first birthday - I can remember them singing at the top of their lungs Kelly Clarkson "Since you've been gone" on the way to softball games. Mason freaked out when Danica started to like make-up and then clothes and then boys - oh no!!!! But they still manage to have fun - these two fight like brother and sister - I love them both heaps :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

River Trip 08

We were lucky enough to spend the past week in Parker AZ with our favorite family the Farrers. We had such a great time!!! but we missed Robbie who couldn't come. The week started with a bang -the kids love to go riding around on the golf carts and Tristen was unlucky this trip and the recipient of a messed up foot. Apparently Danica drove over her foot!?! and so you can see the pics. She was fine, received a ton of sympathy and got to hang out on Day 2 in the rocker with the laptop watching movies. She was waited on hand and foot until she could stand it no longer and decided to join the world of fun in the sun and go out on the water. Dad carried her to the boat for a ride and that was the end of that. On day 2 the fridge broke - so Stevan and RJ went into town to buy a fridge and then had to carry it inside and over the table as it wouldn't fit through the space in the kitchen. So with a new fridge and accidents behind us we got on to the more important things in life - watersports. We went tubing and wake surfing( which I tried and got up). The boys would wake up at 5am every morning and go wake surfing. This entails everyone on board sitting on top of each other in the rear corner of the boat so that a huge wake trails the boat and you surf behind the boat. Mason did great even though there are no pics of him smiling. On one trip - which I happened to be on - we ran out of gas :( We also had no flag on board - thanks Danica - so we used Danica's orange A&F shirt with RJ's makeshift gas checker stick to fashion a flag. I guess we should have used the stick to check the gas level huh!?! Well - we got a tow to the Indian casino and RJ hitched a ride to the gas station so we could make it back. Fun times. So in all we had the best time ever - who wouldn't with bowling, dart playing, tetris playing, mario brothers old skool, Dr. Skipper by the case, EL Fudge, sleeping in till who knows when , watching pirated movies and Debby cooking for us!!!!! We love the Farrers and can't wait for our next week long trip.......

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ashlen's Baptism

Ashlen's baptism is coming upon us quickly. It is going to be in CA, but I wanted to post her invitation because we think it is cute. If you are in the area - We'd love you to come join us :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Clayton prays by himself now

I am sure this happens in ALL families but I wanted to share the cute story of Clayton saying prayer all by himself. We take turns each night for dinner prayer - we almost have brawls over who gets to say it. Well Clayton had beaten out everyone the other night and when we asked him who he wanted to help him he said nothing so we just bowed our heads and waited to see. Well he started out very slowly, but you could tell he was concentrating, remembering what to say. His prayer, which I am sure is like most kids prayer was "Heavenly Fa-der, bless the food, bless the mish a maries, say these things, jesus name, Amen" As soon as he finished this the table erupted in applause and he was very proud of himself. Tristen commented on how well he says amen just like mom does and that seemed to please him also. Well...ever since that night last week, he hasn't allowed anyone to say dinner prayer, and he is continually asking for his turn with our family prayers at night and in the this is a good thing :) The prayer is still very slow..but I guess we shouldn't critique his style - we should be happy he is learning...and that we are.