Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We LOVE Clayton's primary teacher..Sister Holien..he loves being in class, remembers things from the lessons, she brings treats, she is we loved the headband Clayton wore home on Sunday - it is red with "I can tell the truth" written across it, but he won't take it off!!!! He wore it the rest of Sunday - understandable - he woke up and wore it Monday when we went to Mesa with Lisette to breakfast, we got him to take it off to go inside the restaurant but it was back on when we got out...he wore it the WHOLE day and then he came downstairs with it on when he got in his PJ's...he wore it Tuesday and I hid it last night so he can't wear it that mean??!!! So as a side note - I think this is funny but Stevan not so much...Clayton and I watch Glee together - he loves the episode where Kurt is wearing a headband and leotard singing Beyonce's "all the single ladies" Well last night he came down wth his PJ shirt tucked into his pj bottoms - funny in its own right...with the headband on, singing "all the single ladies"!!! Ha Ha - one of the reasons I hid the headband..a little to close for me :) Still - a good laugh!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Undefeated Tigers

back row - Lauren, Chowder, Tristen COACH Stevan
front row - Ethan, Oliviya, Gavin

Our STAR Tristen

Here are the pictures from Tristen & Stevans team...We should have had a picture of just Tristen and Stevan but I didn't think of it at the time :( The Tigers are undefeated so far this season - they have about 4 more games and are looking like they will remain champions...I am pretty sure their team was undefeated last year too!!! Tristen is making $$$ - we pay her $1.00 per goal and she is making out just fine.... Let's Go Tigers!!!! (or Bruins if you are talking to Stevan!!!)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Student of the Week

Can you say Cheese!?!

Vice Principal Nelson giving Tristen her award :)

Tristen and the other award winners

Little T was Student of the week!!! We got the letter yesterday and showed up at her assembly this morning...she was soooo suprised to see us there :) We are soo proud of her!!! When she got home she found the note her teacher gave her to give to us..she read it and said to me "So that's why I was the only one who got a letter!!"

Yay Tristen :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pony Tail Madness

So you all know how important ponytail holders are in a little girls life..these things are like its a funny thing that my girls are forever leaving ponytail holders wherever..they NEVER take them back to the bathroom and put them in the "hairbox" which has ribbons and other goodies to help make their hair look beautiful. I normally buy a pack a month to keep them in the style they've been accustomed to but decided last month I was over it - I was tired of constantly picking them up and finding them all over the house....well they got down to locating only a handful and have been pretty stingy - fighting over them and having crying fits because Ashlen stole the one Tristen wore and so forth. So Ashlen decided to buy some with her own $$$ and wore all 15 around her wrist because she was afraid that Tristen would go into her room and steal them. They were both told that if they were on the floor or left out in plain sight they were up for Tristen has been paitiently waiting for Ashlen to slip up and has been finding them on the floor (thats what she says) and hiding them for her own use....well Ashlens stash is shrinking and this morning there was a huge fight..apparently Tristen found one in the Loft and was pretty vocal about her new found ponytail..Ashlen got mad and accused her of stealing it from her room - we heard the commotion and called them in - Ashlen only had 7 or 8 ponytails on her wrist..Tristen had a huge smile on her face - Stevan took the ponytail in question and we ended it. So imagine this morning please - 2 girls hysterical over stinkin ponytail holders!!!!!! Really?!? I am going to go buy more ponytails and we are going to ration them........we'll keep you posted on the situation..we may lose an eye over this next time - we gotta be on our toes!!!!! Can't wait for make-up and clothes to be an issue :)

We have a thief amoung us :(

On Wednesday I needed to go help Stevan out at a job and so we left Clayton in the capable care of my mother at Lisette and Devin's house...Well Wednesday was crazy - Clayton was feeling a little ignored I think - we were running from job to practice and so when Stevan caught up with Clayton that evening he was a little surprised to see Clayton pull a watch from his pocket and put it on his wrist. Stevan asked Clayton where he got is and he replied that he got it at Uncle's house. So then Stevan asked if Uncle gave it to him and he said no...did grandma give it to you? no - well then who gave it to you?? He back peddled at this point a little and said that yes, Devin had given it to him. So Stevan pushed a little more and kept asking him questions....then gave him until the count of 3 to tell the truth..Well Clayton ran up the stairs to his room when Stevan got to 2 and he was found with his head buried in the pillow and his hands covering his butt. Stevan went up there and spoke with him about lying and stealing and then proceeded to spank him...I guess he put up a fight...when I got home from taking to practice Stevan filled me in and gave me the watch...he had been talking with Clayton about the need to return the watch and tell Devin he was which Clayton wasn't happy about. I took the watch and grabbed Clayton and walked him over to the Merrills house so he could tell Devin how sorry he was. Knowing Devin..I walked into the house noting before anything could be said that he needed to NOT make it easy on Clayton and let Clayton say what he needed to say before saying it was OK...So Clayton walked up to him, handed over the watch and said sorry for stealing...AAARRRGGG....sodo you think that will happen again?!?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mason's flying pics

Thanks to Brother Wood..He took Mason and Robbie and Damien on a little trip while we girls were at Zoey's baby shower - what a treat - Mason was a little aprehensive but was sure glad he went :)

Captain Wood and Co-Captain Farrer

view from above :)

Brother Wood making sure the parachutes are ready...just in case.....j/k

Mason and Damien - I hear that Damien was getting a little fresh with Mason in this pic........

Mason and Damien

Mason ready to go :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

CA trip

We had a quick trip to CA this past weekend. It was Zoeys babyshower and Paul's mission farewell. We were able to do a lot of visiting and we went to In-n-Out with Danica and Tris and Debby...we had fun at the shower and enjoyed looking at Robbies hunting pics...we have plenty of Elk meat (thanks Robbie)..we saw Aunt Jaci and had a blast just hanging out. Mason had some fun - he got to go flying in Brother Wood's 4 seater plane. He, Robbie and Damien took a break and went for lunch in Chino Hills while we were doing the baby shower thing...I will post pics later. We were treated to Stromboli ...Zoey is an excellent cook..and we just had a blast :) We were sad to go....but we'll see them again soon :)

Clayton is 4!!

Clayton told us early this year he wanted a party with his friends...I was hoping he wouldn't remember but he we invited some friends and went to the park at Anthem and had Happy Meals with Jada, Kinlynn, Reese, Brayden, Caleb, DJ & Ryker. I think the kids had a great time - I know Clayton did. Our little boy is 4!!!!!