Monday, October 27, 2008

Primary Program

We had our Primary Program yesterday at Church and let me tell you what a relief it is that we are done. The kids really did an awesome job and I struggled to keep it together listening to them sing. The weeks of sleepless nights and trying to make sure all kids had a part and hoping they would remember words and get to the pulpit when they needed to and be reverent...well it all came together, which is what everyone kept telling me would happen. After our practice on Saturday I Was not too sure...but they did it and I had many people come up and say what a wonderful job the kids did. Stevan even mentioned that this was the best program he had seen ( he said it wasn't just because I was his wife) The children were amazing - the reverence and the spirit was strong. They truly testified through their actions and singing that they did know that they were Children of God. I am so grateful for this calling that I have, for the opportunity I have to work with these kids. They are so special and they have such a spirit about them, you can't help but fell the closeness they have with their Heavenly Father when you are with them. What a privilege it is to be surrounded by these spiritual giants. On another note, sadly we learned that our dear Bishop Olson and his family are moving from our ward. How saddened I was, along with most of the ward I am sure, to be losing such and amazing man and his amazing family. There are a couple of things I can be sure of each Sunday...and one is the infectious personality and smile of PJ Olson - she is an amazing person who spreads cheer everywhere she goes. I could always count on her to lift me up a little more when seeing her in the halls, and the boys will be missed in primary - what great kids they are. We love you Olsons and you will be sorely missed by all.

Halloween Trunk or Treat

Ashlen. Lily, Tristen & Clayton
Ashlen the footballer
Tristen the Angel
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin and Giselle (jada)
Kiss Nation
Devin & Lisette

We had our ward Trunk or Treat on Saturday night and it was a blast - thank you Lacy and committee - you guys did an awesome job. The kids loved it. As always, I waited until the last minute to do costumes. Ashlen had already decided that she wanted to be a football player - you gotta love when they pick something easy like that - so she donned Mason's gear and I put mascara under her eyes. Tristen wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood, and luckily I didn't go out and buy material without showing her what the costume entailed. Tristen, Clayton and I went to dinner Friday night (Stevan was working, Mason was at a Scout Campout & Ashlen was at HSM3 with friends) and then we went to get costumes. She saw the picture and decided immediately that the look wasn't pretty enough for her :) So she decided to be an angel. Clayton had bought a lightsaver with his birthday $$ so he has been talking about being Anakin Skywalker for a while and Mason decided he would be a hippy - yeah us - I have birkenstocks and plenty of tie dye. So I started costumes Saturday at 2pm - the Trunk or Treat started at 5pm and I finished Claytons as Stevan and the kids returned from football at 4:30pm...not a munite to spare. We grabbed kids, threw on costumes and made it to the church. The Activities Committee had hot dog dinners for us, and the kids played games then went around getting candy. Lisette and Devin came and joined us and I have to say I didn't even recognize my sister. I saw someone waving at me and was confused....I hadn't seen this blonde before...then I saw them manning our car...and then recognized figured the blonde had to be Lisette....duh......well it was fun and now the kids are ready for October 31st.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mason -Halloween Party part deux

Well Mason finally got up the courage to ask me tonight if he could go to the Halloween party alone. He talked with the girl having the party and brought home note from her stating that Parents couldn't stay - they just had to drop off or pick up. What - my giving him the option of having either Lisette or Devin go in place of Stevan or I didn't fly either? "They are younger and will blend in better" nope "Devin can go in his cable uniform and people will think he is there to fix the cable" nope. shesh - the kids these days!!! So he got up the courage on the way to practice to ask if he could go - I said "Sure" - Mason said " that Halloween party" I said "yep I know" - Mason said " the one on October 31st" - I said "Yeah - I know" - Mason said "I can go by myself?" I said "Yes Mason" - Mason said "without you, dad, lisette or devin" I said "Yes Mason" "then why are you smiling" - he said - I said "because" - Mason says "Mom - quit messing with me!" - I said "Son you can go by yourself and I am smiling because I can" he is still a little unsure....I think he will continue to check with me each day. Ha Ha - I am sooooo mean - but this is fun. Hey - we should get to torture the kids a little - I am sure they will give it back later!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stripes strikes

Say that 5 times fast. But seriously - all joking aside - Mason's snake got out of his terrarium the other day and I almost died AGAIN. I know this pic is not of Stripes - I am too lazy to go get one - but this is the other addition to the reptile zoo my kids wanted. We have had Stripes (CA king snake) for 4 or 5 years now and he has managed to escape twice that I know of. I am NOT a fan of reptiles - ask anyone, but Stevan convinced me to let Mason have Stripes, now we also have 2 geckos and Tristen's escaped the other day so that would have been 3 - not to mention the 2 dogs we have!! So back to the story - I was in my bathroom the other day doing my hair I think when I walked out to the bedroom and noticed out of the corner of my eye a black and white striped thing slithering on the floor at the corner of our bed. So I ran out screaming - what would any good mother do? - and yelled Snake. Well Stevan yelled "Is it a snake or Stripes?" So then I had to check if it was Stripes by running into Mason's room to see if he was missing - yep it Stripes. So then Mason goes" Oh yeah - he got out earlier!" Hello - important info to tell us. When was that we ask? - Oh this morning! Shesh - talk about heart attack - well Stevan was just glad it wasn't another snake - so they picked up Stripes and put him back in the terrarium. I should have put my shoes on and stood on him!!! I am constantly in fear of running across something INSIDE the house. How wrong is that? I am super careful because Tristen's gecko escaped the other day and hasn't been seen since...Although I think I found him when I was cleaning out the garage last week...I came across a fat Gecko in the bike rack and screamed...more than once...I was trying to pick up the bike rack and let him escape but he wasn't figuring it out..then I didn't want to drop it on him and cut him in half - that would be more mess for me clean. Clayton and Jada were sitting safely in their strollers when I yelled the first time - they were no help - so lucky for me Dad was in town and in the house and he heard me scream and came out to see what the fuss was....he got the gecko out of the bike rack. So guess what Stevan's comment was - Why didn't I catch the gecko and put him in the terrarium for Tristen!!!!!! Once again - Whatever. So...with all that reptile fun - is it any wonder I said no to the tarantula we saw when we were hiking!!!! Look at that thing - I don't want to run into him when no one is home.

Oak Flats - Devil's Canyon

We decided to go hiking this Sunday after Church and went up to Devil's Canyon. Stevan has been here rock climbing before with the Scouts. Well the Merrills and Grandpa Wayne came with us and all was well until we got to the dirt road. Stevan failed to tell me about this part of the trip - I hate 4-wheeling and going up and down large steep rock covered roads. I get sick and my stomach is in knots - I'd rather go through childbirth than this anyday!! I said - he didn't tell me about it and I think Lisette's leg will tell the story - I had a firm grip on it as we were driving in - I am sure she has bruises. And the kids were laughing it up - wee this is like a roller coaster!!! Whatever ........ but once we got down there we had a great time - we saw lizards and spiders and a dead frog, butterflys and wasps that were huge. The girls helped Devin collect leaves for his biology class and Clayton became and official rock climber - that is his new name now "Rocky" He did great! It was beautiful and I was glad we went - just not happy about the steep drive and probably will not be going back there again - I am a party pooper and can handle a little 4-wheeling - just not that much. Oh - and as a side note - everyone in the car was witness to the fact that I am right and we will NOT be getting a minivan ever!!!! Stevan noted that being that we enjoy doing this type of thing...a minivan probably wouldn't work well as it doesn't have 4 wheel drive.....duh!!!!! I have been screaming this forever - what Minivan can tow all our dirtbikes and get us into canyons....yeah me!!!!


Amazing - they have ended their 0 point streak and with only 1 more game in the regular season. It is true folks - the RAMS scored a touchdown on Saturday and Let me tell you my voice was almost gone after that score in the 1st quarter. Of course we lost the game...but the point is we actually scored. And this game was best they have played all season. I saw lots of blocking, sacking the quarterback, some great punt returns - all in all a good game. Mason did great - he was key in a couple of the sacks and even played through an injury. I guess he was at near the bottom in one of the pile ups and hurt his knee....whatever - that is what football is about... ok - so Mason is 00 - you should be able to see him on the line in these pics. And while we are on the subject - Yeah Bruins - about stinking time!!! 23-20 against Stanford - woo hoo.

Friday, October 17, 2008


A quick little story - Mason has been invited to a Halloween party and had asked me the other day if he would be able to go. "You don't have to stay mom - you can just drop me off" Well..I said that he could attend but that either Stevan or I had to be there because it was a boy/girl party and we didn't know the parents. "But mom, the parents of the girl having the party will be there and they are going to hang out in their room - if we need anything they will be there" me - "Well so will dad or I - besides we'll wear a costume - the other kids won't even know we are there!" Mason - "Well don't you trust me mom? - You let me go to Cheyenne's movie party the other week" - me - "I must have been crazy - I'll talk to dad and let you know" Mason " Mom there are a ton of members who are going - we'll be okay and nothing crazy will happen" Aren't those the famous last words?!?! So this morning Mason brought up the party again.."Mom did you talk to Dad?" Me - "Yep - we decided he is going to go with you" Mason - "Are you kidding me? I said there wouldn't be any trouble - that is embarassing!" me - "Well I guess you need to break it to Dad that he has been uninvited - he was really excited to go - He will be disappointed" Needless to say Mason did not have a smile on his face......Ha Ha - we will let him sweat it out a little longer and then let him know he can go - without us!!!

Award Time

We had an awards assembly the other week and I got a letter from Ashlen's teacher letting me know she was getting an award. I went to the school with Clayton and Jada and we sat waiting patiently to hear what award Ashlen got. Well the awards assembly was for the past quarters grades and had I been a little more on the ball...I would have realized tha Tristen and Mason would be getting awards too - but I wasn't thinking - go figure. So Ashlen was awarded the Principals Honor Roll award because she had A's and B's on her report card. What a great thing - Mr. Allee, their principal passed out the awards. So when the kids got home for school - Tristen came in again...this is the second time i've missed and assembly for her...and asked why I didn't go to her assembly - she got an award too. I'll figure this out eventually - Tristen got the Scholars of Distinction Award ( she had all A's) and then Mason goes "Oh yeah - I got one too" I guess he is over me needing to be there - I would probably just embarass him anyways. So Mason got the Principals Honor Roll award. I guess all my kids sre genius - woo hoo.
thanks nettie for the pics - she was smart enough to figure it out and went to EACH assembly for her kids :)

cute pic

this is another cute pic of Clayton and his best friend Jada - they are sooo cute together and sound like an old married couple. They tell each other what to do and take it in stride....They get upset when they don't see each other everyday :)

Clayton is 3

So Clayton turned 3 almost 3 weeks ago - I suck and should have had these up sooner but you know how life gets in the way!!! So our baby turned 3 on September 30th and he has been on the go since. Thank you to everyone who sent him presents - he has had a great time playing with them and shopping with all the $$$$$ he got. In fact, he has asked me on a couple occaisions since his shopping trip if I could take him shopping again!!! I guess he loved going down toy aisles throwing things in the cart and actually getting them! Well he absolutely loves his cape Grandma Debby made for him - you can see from the photo that he does superhero very well. He also loved the Lightsaber he bought with some of his birthday $$$$. He is going to be Anakin Skywalker for Halloween - or Balloween as he calls it. So Aunty and Uncle and Grandma and Grandpa came over to have cake and icecream and sing to him - what a great week for Clayton as the presents trickled in and on the actual day cake and icecream.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

RIP dear beloved Flip Flops

so for those who knew me would know that I have a favorite pair of flip flops that I have worn day in and day out and knew that they were on their last leg...but was hoping that they would somehow miraculously make it for years to come. Well - they died - and they did so at Peter Piper Pizza on our way out the door - it must be an omen - I am not going there again. So these Flip Flops were lusted after when I saw Heather walking around with them...and then she told me where she got them - so I RAN with Danica to American Eagle and picked up a pair, along with a pair for Danica and 1 for Debby too. At least mine outlasted both of theirs - I think Danica lost 1 a few months into it and then would "borrow" Debby's pair...Debby's died a while back too....So American Eagle doesn't have any more like this - I already looked at the beginning of Summer...luckily my mom has a pair that I've been testing out and they will work - they aren't as comfy as the last AE ones, but they will have to do. Heather - find some more "to die for" shoes will you and let me in on the secret location :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

my brother is headed to Afghanistan

My youngest brother Jens is leaving for Afghanistan in a couple days. I am not sure how I feel - I know what he is doing is a good thing - I do support the war and the fight on terror - I guess I am just a little selfish and want him away from the action. Jens is in the Royal New Zealand Navy and has been to the gulf already - his ship patrolled the Persian Gulf and was responsible for boarding all ships coming and going for a while back a few years- but this is different. He volunteered to go, and he is not on a ship in the middle of the ocean :( We have been praying for his safety and know that the Lord will comfort him and his family while he is away. Jens is leaving 2 kids and his partner Rachael behind. It is also a little hard because Jens is not an active member of the church - I know that he probably will turn to our Heavenly Father for comfort - although he wouldn't admit it - so the knowledge we have and the knowledge he has leaves gaps. I guess it is just important for him to know that we love him and pray for him, and put his name on the prayer roll when we go to the Temple. We are proud of him and are excited to see him, Rachael and Simone in March when he gets back from Afghanistan.

I'm old

So Clayton just turned 3 the other day. I am officially old now - my baby is no longer a baby. It is times like these that I get a little clucky...not that I want a baby 24/7, just one to hang out with and hug for old times sake. I have our neighbor Ryker who is almost 1 - he loves me holding him...and I have my sister who is holding out for kids...come on Lisette...but it really hit me - my oldest is almost 12 and my baby just turned 3 - where has the time gone???? I'll post some pics of Clayton and his b-day as soon as I get that USB card from Stevan's camera.