Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little T is on her way!!

Tristen had kindergarten commencement today - she wore a tie dye shirt which all the kids got to make and sang a few songs :) It is on to 1st grade - look out world!!!! She got a lovely trophy and upon looking at it closer it is a picture of her in her cap & gown!! I thought it was a boy!!...I really need to get those glasses my defense - she has her pigtails tucked into the cap...but you can see that cute little face is hers...and the polished nails :) We are proud of you T!!!!!

Our Tristen

Tristen and her class

Tristen and Ms. Fryhover

Tristen's trophy

Memorial Day Fun

For the Memorial Day weekend we took off to CA to spend the weekend and my birthday with the Farrers...What a great time - I was able to relax and just have fun. We got there late Friday night...Lisette bummed a ride so she could spend the weekend with Devin who is working in SoCal selling alarm systems for the Summer. We got up Saturday and went to the Beach with Big T, Heather and Danica. Stevan stayed behind and did who knows what..I think watch movies...Robbie bought a million movies at Best Buy. We stopped and bought sand toys then headed to Huntington where we met up with some friends of the girls. We stayed until late and then got home around 5ish, just in time for Debby's pizza and the Laker game. What night at the Farrers wouldn't be complete unless we pulled out the cards...Stevan nodded off and didn't even make it - he was on Big T's pain meds for his shoulder and backache. We went to Church on Sunday and then visited Stevan's grandparents - more good food and cards with the Boultons and Farrers.....On Monday Stevan took me shopping for my birthday :) I got emails and calls from my siblings and mum, and Mason who got left behind in AZ...darn that scout flag day responsibility!!!! the kids ran to Big Lots with Robbie and bought a million toys for the pool - we had a nice bbq and enjoyed friends company. We had a great time and had the best weekend. We are looking forward to getting out there again...I think we are leaving the boys next time to spend the week with Debby :) thanks for the fun time guys ......

The kids having a concert ON Robbies Truck

I made the kids move to the "real" stage...I don't need them denting his truck bed!

Tristen waiting for one of the toys to be blown up

Ash and Clayton enjoying a boat ride

Ash writing on the walls with water

Clayton getting ready to soak someone

Waiting with Robbie for the firepit to be ready - they made smores

Little T


sandcastle :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flight of the Conchords

Yes - my sister does love me! Not that I have ever thought otherwise...but she had tickets to see Flight of the Conchords and her husband who should have gone with her went to CA to she took me :) It was soooo much fun - They are better live than on the show and my cheeks hurts so much because of all the laughter. This tour is a "DO NOT MISS" for any fan... Being that we were told no flash photography...I had my camera in my lap and was sneaking photos trying to hide from the door nazi just a couple rows down from us. I did manage to video the whole "Business Time" song...but my skills aren't that was a little "artsy" - and I can't seem to dowmload it - darn it Devin...where are you when I need you!!!!. They sang "Fou de Fa Fa" and Lisette and I laughed - we thought of Svend and Laura...especially when they did the french accent and did the "ho ho ho" in the back of their throats ( you know what we mean Svend & Laura...just like Mr. Rude!!) It was great - and I had the best time ever...Thanks Lisette :)

my man BRETT - or Britt as the yanks say

Jermaine - he's just a jailhouse turkey

the boys in mid song

What is that!!

I was running around doing something...and Clayton was at the top of the stairs talking with Simone...and then she came downstairs and said she was done playing so one of the girls ran her home...and then I saw this at the top of the stairs....

and so being that I am blind..I couldn't figure it out and had to go upstairs to see what it was......

It was my baby boy...I guess he was tuckered out and talking with Simone pushed him over the edge...he couldn't even make it to the couch a few paces back or to his room which is to the right of the picture!!!! He plays hard and then falls hard!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hard at Work

As many of you know...Stevan's parents have moved out here to sunny arizona and just bought a house close by. There was tons of work to do..and we have been helping with the painting and Stevan is laying tile and trying to get the place ready for them to settle into. Well the other day I was over painting and Clayton was helping out...On previous visits her has been given and paintbrush and has helped ther..or he has picked up trash, or hosed off the patio, or helped make sure the swings were working correctly..Just this morning he made sure the tile quickset was in fact wet...he walked right through it!! So it has been work, but also fun to see where we are now. So with all the hard work..we lost one of our workers yesterday.......

View from the back of the house

He is out cold!!

Tristen's school concert

On Thursday we were excited to go to Tristen's school to hear the musical performance the kindergarten kids had for their parents. Because there are tons of kids in kindergarten..only her class and another were there..the others would be performing on Friday...still I got to see her and lots of our other Primary kids sing. She did a great job and was smiling the whole time..the songs were fun and it was a treat to see what she had learned. Now she is gearing up to make a tie dye shirt to wear on graduation day and the upcoming waterday...which should be great as it is going to be in the 100's next week :)

Goodbye Svend and Laura

Svend and Laura left for home on Tuesday..we were sad to see them go but enjoyed meeting Laura and spending time with the both of them. We were sad to see Nick go too but I wasn't thinking and didn't get a photo of the kids with her...We had the best time and can't wait until we see everyone again...Laura - I promise I will try get Stevan to come to France for a vacation...but it will be just the two of kids :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Family shots

Because we all live in different places it is not often that we get together. Our Dad is turing 60 this month and as a part of his gift we wanted to send him a picture of the 5 of us together. Svend lives in France and Nic and Jens are in New Zealand..the last time we were all together was at Lisette's wedding 2 years ago, and before that I think it had been almost 15 years prior. Here are some of the shots...thanks to Stevan's dad for taking photos of will notice that Jens is staring off into space in most of the shots!! typical.

Las Vegas Baby!!

We went to Las Vegas over the weekend for the wedding of Jens and Rachael. It was a fun time for all. We stayed at the Tuscany Suites which is just a block from the strip and the place was reminded me of Marriotts Residence Inn - but half the price!! Anyways Lisette, Devin, Rachael, Jens and Nick left Friday morning ( they needed to get their marriage license AND find a place to get married) Mum and Al took SImone, Svend and Laura came from CA, and Stevan and I drove up after work on Friday. We went to Blueberry Hill for breakfast and then went and visited Chad Triplett with Svend and Laura at a new resort M - which by the way was really nice...It was Chad's birthday... so it was nice to see him. We headed back to the hotel so we could get ready for the wedding...the girls were planning a Hair party, so we could help Rachael get ready. We curled hair, we got make-up on and then headed to the wedding location,,all the while trying to keep Jens from seeing Rachael..which worked out great until the photographer wanted to take photos before the ceremony - whatever. The ceremony was short and sweet - the girls all got teary as Rachael said her vows.. it was very nice. After a mass photo shoot with our resident papparazzi Laura, we headed to Mortons Steakhouse to celebrate. The food was great and the alcohol started flowing..toasts were made and we headed back to Jens and Rachaels suite to continue the party. We had a fun time keeping everyone from hurting themselves, had some heart to hearts with some of the inebriated, keep them from getting lost on their trips out of the hotel for smoke was quite tiring for Stevan, Lisette, Devin and I...but we managed - there was laughing as always, Jens breaking out the impressions, Jens and Rachael dancing, Laura showing us her kickboxing skills, Svend trying to keep Laura from getting into too much trouble :) Stevan and I headed to our suite around 1ish and the rest ended on their own time. We got up Sunday, packed and returned home - it was a great weekend. There are tons of pics and I am waiting for my copy of the CD with the millions of photos..I will create a slideshow and attach when I get them. We are soooo happy for Jens and Rachael and happy to have another sister...Rachael is great :)

the girls - Laura, Nic, Mum, Rachael, Simone, me & Lisette

The Lake

Devin and Lisette decided to go to the lake and go jet-skiing with Jens, Rachael, Nick and Simone & Angus. They had a great time and the kids absolutely loved it. Clayton/Angus was so excited that he got to drive - thanks Uncle Devin!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Slide Rock, Sedona

We got up early Tuesday morning and left for Slide Rock Sedona. Lisette and Devin drove with Clayton and I and Svend and Laura drove. We finally left a little after 5am, but got stuck at Dunkin Donuts :) then on the road again. Clayton took a nice nap on the way there and it was fun watching Devin fix the radio while Lyse was driving. Good Times in the car..we finally got to Sedona where we stopped for some pictures and then grabbed some snacks at the grocery store then onto Slide Rock. Laura was brave and was the first one down the slide. The water was very feet were numb after walking around. Devin braved the slide and the Svend went down before we left. Clayton slipped and so did Lyse...I think she has a huge bruise on her arm and butt. Laura fed the fish some doritos and Clayton enjoyed watching her...he wouldn't help - he was just content to watch. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect will be awesome when it is over 100. We had a nice relaxing few hours before heading back to Phoenix. Svend and Laura continued on to see the Grand Canyon before heading to CA. We got home in record speed...Devin was driving while Lyse, me and Clayton snoozed...and I think we got home in 2 1/2 hours!!! Very impressive Devin...lets see if a ticket arrives in the mail in the next few weeks :) We will be going back and I guess I'll take the kids...

Svend and Clayton

Me, Laura and Clayton

everyone just getting there...we got the best spot :)

Svend, Laura and Devin

Laura taking the was freezing cold

Laura sliding again

Clayton taking his plunge

Svend following close behind

Devin fixing the radio in route

Clayton is asleep

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What are we doing?

AL, Nic, Rachael, Mum, Jens & Lyse - discussing politics :)

Laura, Ash & Svend..Laura was holding her eyes open cause in all the other photos her eyes are closed :)

Jens and his birthday cake - he is 29 now!

Devin and Laura checking out the handicapped perks at Target.

Jens and Lyse relaxing before taking a field trip to Taco Bell....Everyone has been craving Taco Bell - they don't have them in NZ or rude!!