Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Turkey Day this year. Stevan's grandparents came to visit, which is always a treat. My kids love their visits...they enjoy the time they get to spend with their great-grandparents...Mason loves to go on bike rides with PaPa, Clayton enjoys going to the park with Maw Maw, Tristen likes to make crapple with Maw Maw (cranberries and apples) and Ashlen enjoys getting hugs in and helping where she can. We also had Stevans sister visit so the kids got to spend time with cousins they do get to see very often. We had our friend Jade and her kids with us also which was a great time. The boys got up early and played football with the guys in the ward..then went dirtbike riding. The girls made crapple, Ashlen and Maw Maw peeled about a million apples together for the apple pies while sitting outside enjoying the sun, and then we baked pies and bread rolls and went to Mom & Dad's for the big dinner. We are so thankful for all the blessings we have - for our health, our family, the gospel and the jobs we have...We hope you all had a great thanksgiving too.

Maw Maw making sure Tristen is doing it right

The "crapple girls"

Its not done right if your hands aren't stained red !!!!

Clayton helped Ashlen make Fudge...she's busy taking the photos :)

This was supposed to be chocolate marshmellow swirl..too much swirling went on and we lost it!! Note the chubby hand to the left...clayton :P

Mason is patiently waiting for PaPa...just keeping the seat warm until he is ready to go.

Mason testing PaPa's bike - he took too long!!!!

Happy 13th B-Day Mason

With sooo much going on I haven't posted in a while...but we had Mason's first Walker Butte Football game, and then his Birthday and then Thanksgiving in the same week. Mason turned the big 13 on the 24th. We had dinner for hm Sunday night - Pot Roast and then cheesecake and icecream on his birthday night. He had friends join us and really enjoyed all his gifts..he made out with cash and is planning on buying some dirtbike gear. He got an awesome candygram from his friend Leah though which he thought was pretty great. Thanks for everyone making his day special - he's a "real teenager" now!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Stevan can fly

We went riding this weekend with the Farrers and Stevan decided to do some jumping....he was doing awesome but tried flying towards the end of the riding session...I don't know if he was tired or what..but this is what happened...Debby screamed..I was busy taking photos..and so was Big T...I saw the landing....thank goodness for safety equipment - he had his chest protector and padded pants on :)

Here he is clearing the jump!!! Don't think he just crashes...he is actually very good :)

Future Hairstylist...

Little T was in heaven this weekend...Big T, Debby and Robbie surprised the kids and they were soooooo surprised. When the Farrers pulled up in the driveway they sat and hadn't really sunk in...then the girls came bolting through the door screaming and yelling that Robbie & Debby and Big T were here....It was great :) So Little T LOVES Big T like nothing else...and when Big T announced she was going to beauty school forever ago little T announced that she would be doing the same thing when she grew up....well look what happened this weekend after Big T left town....

he was trying to get away.....

Mason sat and complied

what a great big brother!!

he is finally sitting enjoying the experience.....

Dad even got conned into sitting in the chair...he did request she move it so he could watch footbal though :)


Mason loves his long hair - I love his long hair - but.....Stevan thinks it needs to be short because he is an Aaronic Priesthood holder and he should look neat and tidy when passing the sacrament...I do agree, but tend to let it slide as long as I can....well Big T was in town this weekend and she brought her tools...both boys had their hair cut and poor T got plenty of grief from BOTH of them...but they look handsome :) Thanks Big T - you are the ONLY one who they allow to cut their better not move away from us :(

it's going


this is SOME of what fell on the floor!!!!

can you see the tears?

He was so mad at Tristen...he wouldn't talk to her after his haircut...but that didn't last too long :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A riding we will go...............

We went out riding again - the weather has been perfect and we figured what better way to spend a nice Saturday before trick or treating...We took the bikes and went out. Ashlen finally gathered up the courage to learn to ride a bigger bike - she can ride the 50's no problem, but this time we moved her to the big bike with gears!! Stevan was very proud of her and she did awesome!! A couple wheelies until she learned to ease out the clutch while giving the bike some gas and she was off! Next time we will focus on Tristen on the 50 and getting her going...soon we will ALL be able to go out together, each on our own bike with only Clayton getting a lift :)

Our camp

Stevan, Mason and Austin talking about jumping

Mason jumping

Tristen and Clayton having fun

Tristen and Stevan getting their helmets on

Stevan and Tristen leaving for a ride

Ashlen taking a breather

Me and Clayton getting ready to leave for a ride


Clayton can't wait to get out there on his own!!! Gotta get those training wheels off his bike first :(

Tristen and Clayton

Mason heading out again

Stevan helping Ash get on the bike

Stevan giving Ashlen some tips and pointers

Ash and Stevan working on shifting

Ashlen doing her thing :)

Ash coming round the can see our houses behind her...

My sweetheart coming off a jump - how can you NOT love doing this people!!

Happy Halloween

I really screwed up - I didn't get pics of the kids Friday night before trunk or treating and tried in a hurry to get things done last night and then didn't check my pics before letting the kids the pics are bad...but you get the idea...Mason was a basketball player - gotta love the hair and shorts!! He sacrificed and endured tot he end with the hair style - my shoulder fell asleep working on this hairdo!! Clayton was Batman, Ash was a vampire and T was a witch. They had a lot of fun and their friends Jada and Ryker and Lily and DJ went trick or treating with them :)


Lily, Tristen and DJ

Batman aka Clayton Bradley

He shoots and scores!!!

Look at those legs!!!

two of my beehives - kassie and kenna

Clawson and Devin ...Fred and Barney

Brian, Hoof and Mason

the pain of it - he wore it to school like this :)

Its out - finally

All picked out :)