Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Soccer Season

It is that time of the year again..Soccer has started and we are happy to say that we have 2 players this year.  Clayton and Tristen are both involved, although I didn't think too much about the fact that I'd be running between 2 fields the whole time trying to watch both games.  Sadly Stevan has yet to see Clayton play cause he's busy coaching Tristen's team - the Bruins!!! Claytonis on Sister Yosts Rams team and he is a real go-getter.  Not to brag or anything...but he scored 2 goals his first game :) Tristen scored 1 at her first game too.  Clayton is a little too confident - apparently after scoring he was pretend shooting at the other team chanting "You guys are losers" - whose kid is this anyways!!!???? And Tristen wasn't sure they even won their last game cause the other team scored...not something they are used too...Stevan put her straight though...they did win :) Clayton was upset at the last game though cause he didn't get to he told one of the kids on the other team his shirt looked stupid and then wouldn't shake hands or cheer at the end of the game.  He had a little chat with Stevan about good sportmanship I think he will do a lot better this week or he will be in trouble :)